The Next Chapter in Today’s New Reason to Believe

The Next Chapter in Today’s New Reason to Believe

Today’s New Reason to Believe (TNRTB) began as a way to back up RTB scholars’ claim that new scientific discoveries affirming the Christian faith appear daily in the scientific literature. This feature has been a pivotal tool for helping RTB stay on top of cutting-edge science, as well as a way to deliver fresh content to our subscribers and website visitors.

A Look Back at TNRTB

Starting in 2003, Hugh Ross and Fuz Rana posted brief summaries of research papers in which they saw some apologetics link to the Christian faith. Over the following months, these postings became a daily feature, giving readers the reference, a 3–5 sentence description of the paper and its apologetics value, and a listing of additional resources for further study. Hugh and Fuz, joined by Jeff Zweerink in August 2005, highlighted approximately 1,200 published research findings between January 2004 and May 2007.

The TNRTB feature changed substantially in May 2007. The summaries expanded to 500–1,500 word articles, allowing more complete descriptions of new discoveries and their relevance to Christianity. Scholars Kenneth Samples and Dave Rogstad joined the group of TNRTB authors, along with occasional guest writers.

Over the next four years, Ken’s posts focused on philosophical and theological issues rather than on scientific discoveries. Two of his most important contributions included a series on logic and another on end-times issues. Starting in 2011, Ken’s posts were incorporated into Reflections, a blog aimed at helping and challenging Christians to think carefully about the implications of their worldview.

From 2007–2011, Hugh, Fuz, and Jeff each wrote at least one TNRTB entry per week on a scientific advance of apologetics import. This effort translates to more than 200 articles per author.

Recent TNRTB Highlights

Over the past eight years, RTB scholars (both staff and volunteers) have studied and reported on 2,000+ scientific discoveries that augment the case for the biblical God as Creator and Designer of the universe and of all the life it contains. The quantity of research and writing certainly validates RTB’s long-standing claim that the scientific literature regularly abounds with evidence for the validity of the Christian faith.

Moving Forward

This amazing productivity has also created what we consider a “good” problem. The recipients of our TNRTB articles have helped us realize we’re producing and disseminating “too much too fast.” We’re giving them more information than anyone can absorb and make effective use of. To put it another way, we’ve been filling water glasses with a fire hose.

As the ministry moves forward, we want to maximize our efforts in evangelism and equipping, the heart of our mission. On that basis, we’ve made the decision to reduce the number of the TNRTB articles we write. Starting Monday, September 5, each scientist—Hugh, Fuz, Jeff, and Patricia—will write one new TNRTB per month. On Thursdays, we will offer you a guest post or classic TNRTB article for review.

We plan to devote the time freed up to producing additional audio, video, and web content. This change will allow us to better serve you and, in doing so, become better stewards of the time and abilities God has given to us. We hope you will continue to enjoy the new and improved Today’s New Reason to Believe.