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Joe Akins
Joe Akins lives in Chino Hills, California, and works as a registered nurse (RN) in the Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology Lab at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Prior to his work as an RN, Joe was a Navy corpsman for the Marines.
Steven Baertschi
Steven Baertschi is president of Baertschi Consulting, a firm specializing in solutions to the most difficult pharmaceutical stability, impurity, analytical, solid-state, and formulation issues. He retired from Eli Lilly and Company in 2015, after more than 29 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry in 1989 from Vanderbilt University.
Kevin Birdwell
Kevin Birdwell received a PhD in physical geography, with an emphasis in meteorology and environmental change from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2011.

Marvin Bittinger
Marvin Bittinger received his PhD in mathematics education from Purdue University in 1968. He is professor emeritus of mathematic education at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. He is one of Pearson Education’s top-selling authors, having sold over 13 million copies of his college mathematics textbooks in 250 books/editions.
Timothy Boyle
Timothy Boyle received his DMin from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1986.
Jefrey Breshears
Jefrey Breshears earned his PhD in history at Georgia State University. He stayed on at Georgia State and taught history, philosophy, and religion for many years. In 2003, he founded the Areopagus, a Christian study center and education ministry that offers seminars and forums in Christian history, apologetics, cultural and science-related issues, literature, and the arts.

Noel Brownlee
Noel Brownlee graduated from Wofford College in 1993. He completed his dissertation work in the area of tumor cell biology at the Medical University of South Carolina. He then completed medical school at the University of South Carolina, earning his MD in 1998. He has practiced as a surgical pathologist and currently serves as medical director at North Greenville University.
Dale Burnside
Dale Burnside received his PhD in zoology from the University of Florida in 1969.
Ted Cabal
Ted Cabal is professor of Christian apologetics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he has taught apologetics and philosophy since 1998.
Travis Campbell
Travis Campbell received his PhD in philosophical theology from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2004, and currently serves as a history teacher at Deerfield-Windsor School in Albany, Georgia.
Erica Carlson
Erica Carlson is professor of physics at Purdue University. Erica holds a BS in physics from the California Institute of Technology (1994), as well as a PhD in physics from University of California, Los Angeles (2000).
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson has spent the past 15 years teaching science in public schools and the past 25 years as a volunteer youth leader at church.
Russ Carlson
Russ Carlson received his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Colorado in 1976. Before retiring, he served as executive technical director for Plant and Microbial Complex Carbohydrates at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, University of Georgia.
Aubrey Lee Cartwright
Aubrey Lee Cartwright received his PhD from North Carolina State University in 1982. He later received an MBA from Salisbury University in 1991. He held a post-doctoral position as physiologist at both University of Georgia and USDA-ARS Russell Research Laboratory in Athens, Georgia (1982-1984). At Texas A&M University, he lectured and taught graduate and undergraduate courses in nutrition, biochemistry, food chemistry and physiology.
Cynthia Cheung
Cynthia Cheung is an astrophysicist who retired after 35 years working in NASA space missions.
Kwok Cheung
Cheung has over 27 years of experience in the electric power industry and  is currently the secretary of the Analytic Methods for Power Systems (AMPS) Committee, and the chair of the Technologies and Innovation Subcommittee of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES).  
Stephen Chua
Stephen Chua obtained his PhD in 2019 from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, where his doctoral work involved borehole data for subsurface geological modeling and using records from sediment cores in Singapore to reconstruct Holocene sea level and morphological and environmental changes. Stephen is currently a research fellow in the Earth Observatory of Singapore looking at palaeoenvironmental change in Singapore and the region. He is also passionate about discipleship, outreach, and apologetics, and is currently serving in Alpha ministry in his home church.
Mark Clark
Mark Clark, PhD is professor emeritus of political science and director of the National Security Studies program at California State University, San Bernardino, 1990-present.
Andrew Corbett
Andrew Corbett has been pastoring Legana Christian Church in northern Tasmania, Australia since 1995.
Marty Crossland
Marty Crossland's background includes 14 years of applied earth science as an exploration geophysicist in the petroleum industry, followed by 30 years in higher education as a professor of computer information systems and administrator. He is currently associate vice president of instructional technology and online education, and chair of computer information systems programs at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas.
Kevin Daniels
Kevin Daniels is a native inner-city Baltimorean and is currently a tenured professor in the School of Social Work at Morgan State University (MSU) and an international fellow with the International Institute Human Sciences . He was a postdoctoral fellow of the Leadership Institute at Harvard College and former senior fellow with the National Center for Health Behavioral Change (Kellogg Foundation). He is also the episcopal senior pastor at St. Martin Church of Christ. In 2015, after the Baltimore city unrest, he initiated the collaborative Cultural Competence Training for Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) veterans and cadets on MSU’s campus and is currently working as one of the principal investigators for the community engagement portion of the Baltimore Consent Decree. This portion of the Consent Decree allows for conversational community engagement with the BCPD and communities across all nine police districts. Kevin also holds a license as a social worker and counselor and a certification as a community conferencing facilitator within the communities of Druid Heights and Madison Park.
Eddy del Rio
Eddy del Río, the grandson of an anesthesiologist and the namesake son of a highly patented inventor. He has extensive training in classical music and also worked as a contractor for the US military. He earned his MD from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and maintains board certification in family practice. Currently, he renders primary care to former US military.
Francisco Delgado
Francisco Delgado did his pre-medical studies at the University of Arizona and received his MD with honors from Universidad La Salle in Mexico City. After completing his residency in internal medicine in Miami Beach, he went on to complete a fellowship in infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University
John Drach

John Drach is professor emeritus at the University of Michigan. He held faculty positions in the School of Dentistry and College of Pharmacy. He holds three degrees from the University of Cincinnati: a BS in pharmacy, an MS in pharmaceutical chemistry, and a PhD. in biochemistry. After working for four years as a research scientist at Parke, Davis & Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he joined the faculty of the University of Michigan in 1970, where he taught pharmacology, aspects of virology, and related subjects. He also ran a research program involving discovery and mechanisms of action of antiviral drugs.

Dan Dyke
Daniel Dyke received his MA in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1981, and currently serves as a professor of Old Testament studies at Cincinnati Christian University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sue Dykes
Sue Dykes is originally from the UK but has lived in South Africa for the last 30 years. She has a PhD in paleoanthropology from the University of the Witwatersrand. She is also an executive director of a hospital/clinic outreach charity, as well as a sworn translator in French.

Miguel Endara
Miguel Endara is academic dean and professor of philosophy and religion at Veritas International University. He has degrees in computer science, theology, apologetics, and a PhD in philosophy.

Doug Faries
Douglas Faries earned a PhD in statistics from Oklahoma State University and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Eli Lilly and Company.

Fabo Feng
Fabo Feng is a postdoctoral fellow studying exoplanet detection, celestial dynamics, statistics, and interdisciplinary topics at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC. He received his PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany.
Katie Galloway
Katie Galloway received her PhD in chemical engineering with a minor in biology from California Institute of Technology in 2012.

Richard Gerhardt
Richard is a trained Christian apologist (MA, Biola University) and a research conservation ecologist (MS, Boise State) specializing in birds of prey. He writes and speaks on these and other interests.

Timothy Gordon
Timothy Gordon is a resident of Boise, Idaho and currently works as a clinical data analyst for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Prior to that, Tim was a software engineer for Micron Technology Inc. for over 15 years. He is also a retired US Navy Commander. Tim recently completed his doctorate in scientific apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary.
Dominic Halsmer
Dominic Halsmer is the former dean of the College of Science and Engineering at Oral Roberts Universit, and now serves as director of the Center of Fiath and Learning at ORU. 
George Haraksin
George Haraksin holds a BA in comparative religions from California State University, Fullerton and an MA in philosophy and ethics from Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.
Eric Hedin
After completing his PhD in experimental plasma physics and fusion energy research, Eric accepted a guest researcher position in fusion energy at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Eric then transitioned into  teaching physics and astronomy. Since the fall of 2018, Eric has served as professor of physics and astronomy at Biola University.

Hugh Henry
Hugh Henry received his PhD in physics from the University of Virginia in 1971, retired after 26 years at Varian Medical Systems, and currently serves as a lecturer in physics at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights.
Chuck Horst
Chuck Horst is an adjunct professor of astronomy at San Diego State University, where he received his MS in astronomy.
Ken Keathley
Ken Keathley is senior professor of theology and occupies the Jesse Hendley Endowed Chair of Biblical Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he has been teaching since 2006.

Kyle B. Keltz
Kyle has an MA in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary where he is currently earning a PhD in philosophy of religion. Kyle is earning an MA in professional writing from Liberty University, and teaches English composition and introductory philosophy at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas. He also specializes in the problem of animal suffering.
Eric Klumpe
Eric Klumpe received his PhD in astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999.
Joshua Kugler
Joshua Kugler is an MDiv student at Cincinnati Christian University where he is currently studying church history.
Nicholas Leadbeater
Nicholas Leadbeater received a PhD in chemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK, and a BS in chemistry from the University of Nottingham, UK.
Stan Lennard
Stan Lennard is a general surgeon who has enjoyed both an academic and private practice career over a span of 30 years. He received an MD in 1968 at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas.
Zachary Leung
Zachary Leung received his PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has more than 25 years of experience working in both Asia and North America, all in the area of technology and innovation, covering: (1) entrepreneurship; (2) management in multinational corporations; (3) teaching, research, and technology transfer in universities; and (4) mentoring and investments in young startups. His research interests are in machine learning, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and understanding, and neural networks. Zachary has received certificates from the RZIM Academy, and is currently pursuing his MA in science and religion at Biola University. He is currently based in Hong Kong.
Eugene Lopata
Eugene Lopata obtained his PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Michigan in 1973. He worked in the field of plasma-enhanced vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition at a variety of industries before retiring in 2008.
Paul Lorenzini
Paul Lorenzini graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 1964, later earning a PhD in nuclear engineering from Oregon State University and a law degree from Loyola Law School.
Tassos Lycurgo
Tassos Lycurgo is the president of Defense of Faith International Ministries (Ministério Defesa da Fé, see defesadafe.org) and of Faith.College . He is also an ordained minister, an attorney, a professor in the Design Postgraduate Program at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), and a pastor at the Igreja Defesa da Fé in Brazil. He was a postdoctoral fellow in theology at Oral Roberts University (USA) and in sociology of law at Federal University of Paraíba (Brazil). Tassos holds a PhD in educational studies, mathematics/logic from UFRN and earned his MA in analytic philosophy from Sussex University (UK). He is also a graduate of law with a specialization in material and procedural labor law from Anhanguera-Uniderp University (Brazil), in addition to philosophy (UFRN), advanced leadership (HI, Thailand) , and pastoral ministry and biblical studies (RBT College, USA). He has published ten books, with the most recent being Job—Betrayed by God? Delivered to the Devil?
Patrick McGuire
Patrick McGuire graduated from the University of New Mexico with an MS in mechanical engineering.

John Millam
John Millam received a BS in chemistry and physics from the University of Arizona in 1992, and a PhD in theoretical chemistry from Rice University in 1997. He completed post-doctoral work at Wayne State University (1997-2001) that was focused on developing code for molecular dynamics calculations.

Abdu Murray
Abdu Murray holds a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Michigan and a JD from the University of Michigan Law School. He is cofounder and president of Embrace the Truth, a ministry dedicated to offering the truth of the Christian gospel to Muslims. He also serves as senior vice president for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.
Bijan Nemati
Bijan Nemati received his PhD in high-energy physics from the University of Washington in 1990. During his graduate school years he converted from Islam to Christianity. He worked as a senior optical engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and now works as principle research scientist at University of Alabama in Huntsville.
Robert Nisbet
Robert Nisbet received training in botany, with specialties in plant ecology and paleobotany. He taught and conducted research in botany and ecology for many years at several colleges and universities, most recently as a researcher in forest growth modeling at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Bob also worked as a data scientist for AT&T and The NCR Corporation.
Balajied Nongrum
Balajied Nongrum holds a BS in veterinary science from the Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University in Hyderabad, India. He completed an MA in science and religion from Biola University and now serves as a speaker and trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society.
Don Olson
Don Olson received his BS in chemistry in 1957 from Gonzaga University and his PhD in analytical chemistry from Purdue University in 1961. He conducted postdoctoral research at UCLA and was a NATO postdoctoral fellow at the H.C. Orsted Institute in Denmark. In 1963, he joined Shell Development (the research arm of Shell Oil), where his research resulted in a new analytical technology called flow injection (FIA). He has authored over 30 papers and holds more than 20 patents. Currently, Don is an entrepreneur and serves as CEO of Global FIA, Inc., which he founded in 1992. 
Gavin Ortlund
Gavin Ortlund serves as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Ojai. Gavin holds a PhD in historical theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary, and a BA in philosophy and religion from the University of Georgia. Gavin is an ordained minister in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and served for six years on staff at Sierra Madre Congregational Church.

James Painter
James Painter has been a registered dietitian since 1980 and has served as the director of nutrition research for the California Raisin Marketing Board, and as nutrition adviser for Sun-Maid Raisin Growers of California, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds, and the National Dairy Council.
Bernard Palmer
Bernard Palmer was awarded an open scholarship to the Royal London Medical School for clinical training. He undertook his surgical training in major London hospitals and was a senior registrar at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. During this time, he also conducted research in tumor immunology at the Institute of Cancer Research, University of London.
James Patterson
James Patterson is currently the interim chief of staff and chief of mental health service at the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center, Shreveport Louisiana.
Mark Perez
Mark Perez earned a BA in philosophy and an MA in analytic philosophy of science from California State University, Los Angeles, as well as an MA in public administration, with an emphasis on organizational development, from American Military University.
Thomas Phillips
Thomas Phillips received his PhD in particle physics from Harvard University in 1986 and recently retired from the faculty at Duke University to work as an entrepreneur.

Frank Pyrtle III
Frank Pyrtle received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 1996 and 1999, he received his BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University. Frank is a licensed, practicing professional engineer in Florida.
Jason Rampelt
Jason Rampelt is a historian of science specializing in the early modern period, but with interests in all periods. After completing his PhD in history and philosophy of science (HPS) at Cambridge University, he was a research fellow at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. He teaches part-time in HPS at the University of Pittsburgh and is a fellow in Christianity and science at the Greystone Theological Institute in Pittsburgh.
Brandon Reddell
Brandon Reddell works at the NASA Johnson Space Center and teaches physics and astronomy at the University of Houston at Clear Lake. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Houston (specializing in high energy/space physics) and most of his work has focused on ionizing radiation problems associated with human spaceflight. Currently he is an assistant program scientist for the International Space Station Program.
Kenny Rhodes
Kenny Rhodes is an ordained Southern Baptist pastor with over 25 years in pastoral ministry. He holds an MDiv and a PhD in theology, and specializes in the doctrine and existence of God, textual criticism, and the metaphysics of Thomas Aquinas.
Edward Russell
Edward Russell received his Ed.D. in curriculum instruction and educational psychology.
Claude Sandroff
Claude Sandroff received his PhD in physical chemistry from Brandeis University.
Perry Santos
Dr. Perry Santos is an otolaryngology physician in Oklahoma City, OK.
Robert Sheldon

Robert Sheldon has an MA in religion (1985) from Westminster Theological Seminary and a PhD physics (1991) from University of Maryland, College Park. He has taught at the University of Bern, Boston University, University of Alabama in Huntsville, and Wheaton College. He is presently with Torch Technologies assisting the Army's Advanced Photonics Testing Lab. His latest book, The Long Ascent: Genesis 1-11 in Science & Myth, vol. 2 will be available in fall 2019 and will be discussing the location of Eden.

Paul Shockley

Paul Shockley earned his Ph.D in philosophy from Texas A&M University in College Station. He also holds an MA in humanities history of deas from the University of Texas at Dallas, a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary in systematic theology and biblical exposition, and a BA in history from Stephen F. Austin State University.

James Small
James Small received a BA in chemistry from Colorado College (1972) and then enrolled in the medical scientist training program at Duke University. He graduated with his MD and a PhD from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in 1983. In January of 2018 he became a full time associate professor of pathology at Rocky Vista University.
Timothy Smith
Tim Smith received his PhD in biology and mathematics from the University of Washington in 1973. He has worked for several fishery research laboratories, where he specialized in assessing the current and historical statuses of various global marine fisheries, especially commercial whaling, and has published extensively in these areas. Following an encounter with God in 1998, Tim has focused on tracing his understanding of the relationship between science and faith and how that affected his student and professional life. He currently works with returning missionaries at Bethel Church in Redding, California.
David Snoke
David Snoke is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh, where he has been since 1994.
Cynthia Spencer
Cynthia Spencer received a BS in chemistry in 1979 from Howard University, and an MS (1985) and a PhD (1987) in polymer science from Carnegie Mellon University. She currently teaches part-time at Brunswick Community College and online at Ocean College.
Jeff Steinman
Jeffrey Steinman graduated from California State University Northridge in 1981 with a double major in computer science and physics. He earned a PhD in high energy elementary particle physics in 1988 from the University of California Los Angele where he measured the quark structure function of high-energy virtual photons.
Michael Strauss
Michael Strauss grew up with an interest in science and theology, so in 1977 he chose to attend Biola University where he could study both subjects in detail. From there he pursued a graduate degree in physics at University of California, Los Angeles.
Regan Stinnett
Regan Stinnett received his PhD in plasma physics from the University of Texas. He worked as a researcher and manager at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) in the areas of fusion, beams, microsystems, materials, and nanotechnology. From 2006–2012 he led SNL’s National Institute for Nano Engineering . Regan took entrepreneurial leave from SNL to start Quantum Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. where he served as president and CEO. Upon his return, Regan was part of SNL’s Advanced Concepts Group and also worked to create partnerships between national laboratories, universities, and industry. Regan received US Department of Energy awards for STEM Mentorship and Contributions to the Nuclear Weapons Program .
Nick Tavani
Nicholas Tavani is a practicing family physician, residency trained and board Certified with the American Board of Family Medicine. He has over 35 years of clinical experience in primary care medicine for people of all ages, cultures, and walks of life.
Erick Thompson
Erick Thompson graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He went from barns to buildings seven years later to join 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota, heading the Professional Services unit of 3M’s Animal Care Products. He went on to lead KM initiatives in two multi-national organizations, leading up to his present position on the executive team of The Learning Forum Executive Council Network.

Raymond Usell
Ray Usell is a retired engineer trained in science and the humanities. He attended University of Cincinnati for 8 years, earning his BS in metallurgical engineering in 1964, and his PhD in materials science in 1967. He received his JD from Detroit College of Law in 1974.

Charles White
Charles "Chuck" White got his BA in history and literature from Harvard University. He then went to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and became the student minister in Boston's Park Street Church. He began a PhD at Cambridge and finished it in Boston, specializing in nineteenth-century American religious life.
Rodney Whitefield
Rodney Whitefield received his PhD in physics from Oregon State University in 1970. He spent his career working for IBM before retiring after 32 years of service. Since his retirement, his primary activity has been the study of biblical Hebrew, with the application of better understanding the early chapters of Genesis.
Darren Williams
Darren Williams received a PhD in chemistry from Oregon State University in 1998 and a BS in chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin in 1992.
Steven Willing
Steven Willing is board certified in diagnostic radiology and neuroradiology, with an MD from the Medical College of Georgia and an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has held faculty positions at the University of Louisville, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Indiana University where he taught and practiced diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology. Since retiring in 2016, Dr. Willing now divides his time between homeschooling a teenage son, providing medical service at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, blogging at The Soggy Spaniel, and finishing his upcoming book, Superbia: The Paralyzing Power of Pride, The Healing Hope of Humility.
Barrie Winn
Barrie Winn was born in the US, grew up in Switzerland, and earned a BS in chemical engineering from Imperial College London. He worked as a registered professional engineer for nearly 32 years in North Carolina at one of the world's largest phosphate mining and manufacturing complexes. After retiring, Barrie earned an MA in science and religion from Biola University. He currently serves as director of the Caolinas Colson Fellows Affiliate, part of The Colson Center for Christian Worldview program.
Ken Wolgemuth
Ken Wolgemuth received a BS in chemistry from Wheaton College and a PhD in geochemistry from Columbia University. He is currently an adjunct professor of geosciences at the University of Tulsa.
Glenn Wood

Glenn Wood graduated from Southwestern Medical School in 1979 and completed a residency in pediatrics and adolescent medicine at Children's Medical Center of Dallas in 1982. He is board certified in pediatrics and was chief of pediatrics at South Austin Medical Center.

Peter Wyns
Peter Wyns began preaching when he was a teenager and has continued ministering for more than 45 years. He received a doctorate from North Carolina College of Theology and has authored 11 books. Peter is currently the president and founder of Christians for Messiah Ministries and serves as the lead pastor at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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