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Reasons to Believe has a vision to recruit, train and release scholar-evangelists who embody the ideals of our founder, Hugh Ross. Qualified candidates for the Scholar Community share our commitment to engaging in reputable scholarship, as well as actively sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with STEMM professionals.

RTB’s Scholar Community provides opportunities for scientists, theologians, physicians and others to explore connections between science and faith, and to grow in confidence to share their faith more effectively. We provide workshops, courses, coaching, and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals who are also interested in investigating the harmony between God’s Word and God’s world from an old-earth creation perspective.

Qualifications to apply to the RTB Scholar Community

  • Heart of an evangelist who actively shares their faith (or wants to improve their efforts to share their faith) with STEMM trained/influenced seekers and Christians
  • Desire to explore connections between science and the Christian faith within an old-earth creation context
  • PhD or equivalent (preferred)
  • Hold personal beliefs consistent with RTB’s Mission & Beliefs, as well as the Chicago Statements on Inerrancy and Hermeneutics
  • Practices life behaviors consistent with RTB’s standard of conduct, including displaying personal character consistent with 1 Peter 3:15–16

Benefits of Membership in the Scholar Community

  • Live calls with RTB’s world class scholar team
  • Workshops that give members practical ministry skills to help improve their efforts as a lay-evangelist.
  • Access to an exclusive online network of Scholar Community members
  • Discounts on RTB resources
  • Eligibility to apply for RTB’s Visiting Scholar Program

What do Scholar Community Members do?

  • Raise awareness about RTB resources by using them to engage in personal evangelism
  • Network with other Christians who are engaged in research related to the integration of science and the Christian faith
  • Contribute to the “Voices” blog

Click here to view all of our Scholar Community members.

If you would like more information about the Scholar Community or to receive an application, please contact our Scholar Community Manager.

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