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The Apologetics Community is a network of lay-evangelists who play a vital part in RTB’s ministry on a grass roots level. Our goal is to recruit, train and release its members to bring new reasons to believe in the God of the Bible to STEMM oriented skeptics, seekers, and Christians who need this transformational message.

We provide courses (through Reasons Institute) and on-going training to encourage Christians to use apologetics in evangelism. Members then use this education to engage non-Christians in science-faith conversations in their local context. Examples include leading apologetics-oriented small groups, doing evangelism via social media, online study groups, running amateur astronomy clubs, and participatng in campus ministries such as Ratio Christi.

Would you like to join us? We are always looking to partner with like-minded Christians in this important endeavor to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. Here are some things you need to know.

  • Have the heart of an evangelist who actively shares their faith with STEMM-trained/influenced seekers and Christians
  • Display virtuous character traits consistent with 1 Peter 3:15–16
  • Desire to explore connections between science and the Christian faith within an old-earth creation context
  • Complete coursework for the Basic Certificate in Science Apologetics through Reasons Institute:
  • Hold personal beliefs consistent with RTB’s Mission & Beliefs, as well as the Chicago Statements on Inerrancy and Hermeneutics
  • Practice life behaviors consistent with RTB's standard of conduct
  • World-class training in science apologetics through Reasons Institute
  • Live staff scholar calls, which includes the opportunity to hear the latest in ministry developments, books to be released, and interact directly with RTB staff scholars
  • Workshops that equip members with practical ministry skills to help improve their efforts as a lay-evangelist
  • Access to the RTB Apologetics Community online group, an online network of Community members working to bring STEMM-oriented people closer to Christ
  • Discounts on RTB resources
  • Raise awareness about RTB resources by using them to engage in personal evangelism.
  • Network with other Christians who are engaged in science-faith conversations.
  • Assist RTB in practical ways, such as writing book reviews on Amazon, answering apologetics questions that come into the ministry, and being a presence at outreach events, both in-person and online.

    We encourage our Apologetics Community members to use their training in partnership with the Holy Spirit to bring the transformational message about the harmony between Scripture and nature to others. Here is a sampling of some of the ways our members share RTB resources with others. We hope this inspires you to imagine what God can do through you!

    Amy Hardy

    Amy Hardy is a high school science teacher as well as a leader in one of our RTB Chapters. Find out about how she incorporates RTB’s ideas into her classroom instruction.

    Jane Pantig

    Jane Pantig is an evangelist with Ratio Christi. She brings the gospel to four secular college campuses in Southern California. Hear more about her work and how she uses RTB’s ideas as part of her outreach.

    Ryan Pauly

    Ryan Pauly is a high school Bible teacher and podcaster. His story is a great example of how being faithful in the little things can bring a big harvest. Hear more about his work and how he uses RTB’s ideas as part of his ministry.

    Lenny Schaefer

    Lenny Shaefer is a lay-minister at a local prison. Find out how he incorporates RTB’s materials into his outreach.

If you would like more information about the Apologetics Community or to receive an application, please contact our Apologetics Community Manager (apologeticscommunity@reasons.org). Please denote which application you would like to receive.

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