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TNRTB Classic: Intelligent Design of DNA Information Systems

By Fazale Rana - September 13, 2012

A few days ago I wrote about a recent advance in biotechnology that highlights the incredible information-carrying capacity of DNA. This biomolecule can store information, because it is an information-based system.

For many people, the information content of DNA represents one of the most compelling arguments for intelligent design. And I agree. I think the best way to use biochemical information to make the case for a Creator is by focusing on the analogical relationships between human information systems and biochemical information systems. In other words, it is sound to conclude that biochemical information reflects the work of a divine Mind because our common experience uniformly teaches us that information comes from intelligent agents, not undirected natural processes.

Often times, Christian apologists attempt to advance the case for intelligent design by focusing on the seemingly vast amount of information housed in a single piece of DNA and the astronomical improbabilities for that amount of information to ever arise through evolutionary processes. Consequently, they conclude that bio-information and life must originate from a Creator.

In my experience, this argument plays well to a lay audience, but it is fundamentally a weak argument—one that I no longer rely on as a way to approach intelligent design. Read more of my explanation by clicking the link below:

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