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Defending Concordism

By Hugh Ross - July 16, 2012

Concordism, the belief that the book of nature and the book of Scripture significantly overlap and can be constructively integrated, is under siege in the evangelical Christian community. Part of the strategy in the strike against concordism includes attempts to define the position with extreme language.

Since Reasons To Believe now ranks as the world’s leading organization promoting concordism and concordist apologetics, our views and mission are often misunderstood. In response to the new assault on concordism and against Reasons To Believe in particular, I have written a detailed review of the leading polemic against concordism: namely John Walton’s best-selling book, The Lost World of Genesis One, where he targets Reasons To Believe and me personally. In the review I not only respond to Walton’s declaration that “there is no biblical view of material origins,” but also for the first time in writing, I definitively articulate our concordist position and how we believe our perspective can be best applied to bring unchurched seekers and skeptics to faith in Jesus Christ. You can find my article "Defending Concordism: Response to The Lost World of Genesis One," (here).

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