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The Major Biblical Creation Texts/Creation Accounts

By Hugh Ross - August 1, 2008
Reference Theme
Genesis 1 Creation chronology: physical perspective
Genesis 2 Creation chronology: spiritual perspective
Genesis 3–5 Human sin and its damage
Genesis 6–9 God’s damage control
Genesis 10–11 Global dispersion of humanity
Job 9 Creator’s transcendent creation power
Job 34–38 Physical creation’s intricacy and complexity
Job 39–42 Soulish creation’s intricacy and complexity
Psalm 8 Creation’s appeal to humility
Psalm 19 Creation’s “speech”
Psalm 33 God’s control and sovereignty over nature
Psalm 65 Creator’s authority and optimal provision
Psalm 104 Elaboration of physical creation events
Psalm 139 Creation of individual humans
Psalms 147–148 Testimony of the Creator’s power, wisdom, and care in nature
Proverbs 8 Creator’s existence before creation
Ecclesiastes 1–3 Constancy of physical laws
Ecclesiastes 8–12 Limits to human control of nature
Isaiah 40–51 Origin and development of the universe
Romans 1–8 Purposes of the creation
1 Corinthians 15 Life after life
2 Corinthians 4 Creator’s glory in and beyond creation
Colossians 1 Creation’s extent
Hebrews 1 Cosmic creation’s temporality; role of angels in creation
Hebrews 4 Role of God’s rest in creation
2 Peter 3 Creation’s end
Revelation 20–22 The new creation

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