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Clarifying RTB’s Position

By - November 1, 2017

by Hugh and Kathy Ross

Have you noticed the proliferation of apologetics voices—and ministries? Now that the church sees the glaring need to provide “reasons” for our seemingly anachronistic beliefs and convictions, the apologetics bandwagon is rolling. Perspectives on creation, evolution, and divine revelation seem to be multiplying just as rapidly, if not more so. Pastors, seminarians, and other Bible teachers have come under increasing pressure to relinquish their “outdated” stance on Scripture, particularly on the historical and scientific accuracy of the early chapters of Genesis. “Inerrancy” has become a taboo term in many circles, and the diligent work of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy has dropped off the radar of many or most pastors and seminaries.

Amid this swirling controversy and rising confusion, the Reasons to Believe scholar team sat down together, with cameras rolling and Krista Bontrager moderating, to clarify where the ministry stands on certain core issues. This new DVD, Creation, Evolution, and Biblical Inerrancy, will be released this month, and we trust you will find it eminently useful in your chapter’s outreach and equipping activities this coming year. With you in mind, our communications team generated a set of discussion questions to go with the DVD. You can take your group through the video and these questions at whatever pace best suits the needs and interests of the people you’re engaging with.

You may also want to use this resource as a way to introduce RTB to people who know little or nothing about the ministry or who’ve heard distorted opinions about who we are and what we believe. You’ll appreciate the fact that each scholar plays a significant part in expressing RTB’s approach and position. So, the viewer gains a wide-angle view of our scholar-evangelist team and of how respectfully the ministry addresses topics at the center of intense debate, topics around which believers seem increasingly polarized. We’ll gladly provide a complimentary copy of Creation, Evolution, and Biblical Inerrancy to any chapter that commits to use it for outreach and equipping.

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