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Global Warming


RTB takes the position that the surface temperature of Earth is warming and human activity plays a role in the warming. While the scientific literature clearly supports this position, most discussion of global warming (or climate change) occurs in a politically charged arena. Consequently, we should keep a number of scientific, political and theological points in mind when discussing the topic.

Scientific points:

  1. Measurements clearly show that Earth has been warming over the last hundred years.
  2. A substantial body of evidence indicates human activity contributes to this warming.
  3. Many scientists regard the consequences of global warming as already dire and irreversible. RTB maintains that the scientific evidence is not so clear on how severe a problem the warming is or on the best ways to address it.

Political points:

  1. Much of the “scientific discussion” in the public arena is actually politically driven (both for and against global warming), with supporters selecting their favorite scientific evidence.
  2. When having a political discussion, understand that a person’s worldview plays a major role in the position a person will take.
  3. To properly address the “global warming problem” we need a diverse set of solutions that span the political spectrum

 Theological points:

  1. God is the creator and sustainer of the universe (and Earth in particular) and will accomplish His purposes. That does not mean we can neglect our care for creation.
  2. God commanded humans to care for and rule over creation, being careful to avoid worshiping the Earth or giving it higher priority than humanity.
  3. God has structured creation in such a way that the best solutions will both provide for humanity AND care for Earth.

Above all, in debating the different solutions to global warming, apply the golden rule. Treat others (and their arguments) the way you want to be treated—even when the debate gets heated.

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