Truth Seekers: Reaching the Next Generation for Christ

Truth Seekers: Reaching the Next Generation for Christ

Last spring, during an academic conference, I found myself engaged in multiple variations of the same conversation: “Isn’t it tragic that the next generation is falling away from the faith?” As I flew home, I asked God to show me how I could become part of the solution instead of merely moaning about the problem.

A few months later, I enlisted two of my daughters’ friends to help me with some work around the house. As the girls helped me pack some boxes, the 16-year-old expressed an interest in my seminary books. Her curiosity led to a thoughtful discussion about the Reformation.

I dug a little deeper and asked the 14-year-old what she liked best—and least—about her youth group. Her answer intrigued me: “Sometimes, I just wish I could ask a question.” She didn’t like the constant, one-way stream of the structured curriculum. Eureka!

What if there were a time and place to address the questions teens are interested, even eager, to explore?

This was my opportunity to step up and make a difference. I obtained support from my church’s youth pastor to start an apologetics club for the high school kids. Thus, the Truth Seekers club was born.

Multiple studies tell us that the majority of my daughters’ church friends will leave their faith behind as they transition into adulthood—but these aren’t merely numbers on a page. Like the two girls who inspired my actions, these are the kids who came to my daughters’ birthday parties and played in the park together. I’ve been their VBS and Sunday school teacher. The thought that even one of them could slip away within the next few years gnawed at my soul, especially since I might be able to do something to prevent it.

My question for similarly concerned Christians is this: Have you considered how you may become part of the solution? We’ll address this question in a series of Reasons articles about using apologetics, including science, to reach my daughters’ generation for Christ.