RTB at 30: The Book That Started It All

RTB at 30: The Book That Started It All

If you ever visit RTB’s editorial department, you’ll see framed prints of RTB book covers lining the walls of our meeting room. You might notice that a few are missing—that’s because we can’t fit them all.

Today, thanks to God’s faithfulness and the steadfastness of ministry friends and supporters, RTB has its own publishing logo and over 30 books in print. It all started with The Fingerprint of God in 1989. Hugh’s first book went on to become a bestseller and opened doors for RTB’s outreach efforts.

Since then, not only has RTB’s ministry reach widened, but, as Hugh concluded in Fingerprint, “the evidence for a universe designed, initiated, shaped, and sustained exactly as the Bible describes, by God, continues to mount.” From origins-of-life research and synthetic biology we’ve seen that life’s beginning requires the hand of an intelligent creator (Origins of Life and Creating Life in the Lab). From paleoanthropology, we’ve learned that Genesis stands on firmer ground than does Darwinism (Who Was Adam?). From global discussions on world religions, we’ve seen Christianity stand out as uniquely truthful and hopeful (7 Truths That Changed the World and A World of Difference). There’s more to come! RTB’s scholars are keeping their editors busy with books on dinosaur blood, the fine-tuning of Earth to host humanity, and the uniqueness of Christ’s identity. We won’t be running out of reasons to believe in the Bible’s message of love and hope.

It remains our goal, in Hugh’s words, “to affirm that God exists, to show we can know who God is, and to encourage every reader to worship God personally, in spirit and in truth.” If you’ve partnered with RTB’s publishing efforts over the past 30 years—through prayer, financial support, volunteering, or reading and sharing RTB books—then you’ve helped skeptics see the Bible, not as a fairy tale, but as truth and helped believers overcome doubt and become better equipped to minister to friends. For that we say, thank you!

By Maureen Moser