Reasons Institute: World-Class Training in Christian Apologetics

Reasons Institute: World-Class Training in Christian Apologetics

Remember the saying, “The best defense is a good offense”? As I interacted with people at the Oklahoma Homeschool Conventions this year, those words seemed especially relevant. Many of the parents who approached our RTB booth asked some variation of the same question: “How can I prevent my children from leaving Christianity behind as they grow into adulthood?”

There is no easy answer, no set of foolproof steps I can outline for them, but the saying provides a helpful direction: build a positive case for faith. Trying to pull a young adult back into the faith is exceedingly difficult. The best time to prevent calamity is before it happens.

To that end, RTB has put together an innovative distance-learning program called Reasons Institute to help build a good offense. Our desire is to prepare God’s people to be informed and effective witnesses for Christ the Creator in the home, church, workplace, and beyond. No additional scientific knowledge past the high school level is necessary for success—just a desire to learn.

Reasons Institute courses offer powerful inspiration and applicable information to parents, pastors and church leaders, scientists, engineers, health care professionals, teachers, college students and faculty, missionaries, and evangelists. Each course includes downloadable lectures by RTB scholars, online group discussions facilitated by a qualified instructor, and course assignments.

One of the unique benefits of taking courses through Reasons Institute is that students can earn undergraduate or graduate credit that is transferable to colleges and universities. Reasons Institute classes are also a requirement for those interested in becoming a certified RTB apologist like those featured in this newsletter.

And for college-bound high school students, RTB offers Reasons Academy. This year-long study in a philosophy of science elective prepares juniors and seniors for the challenges they will face in college.

For more information about Reasons Institute and how to register for courses, visit our website.