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One Man’s Gift Goes Global

Nigeria. India. Finland.

When Randy King decided to donate enough money for RTB to give away 359 copies of Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, he never expected to reach people from more than 20 countries.

He only wanted to share with others a book that changed his life.

It’s been five years since Randy first read Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, the book that introduced him to the consistency of Scripture and science, but he talks about it with such passion, it seems as though he finished reading it only yesterday.

“Every person who has read it has probably had a changed viewpoint of the truth of God’s Word and the purpose of God’s creation,” Randy said.

For him, the book provided a deeper awareness of God’s redemptive plan. Had he never read Why the Universe, Randy believes he wouldn’t be so confident in his faith.

Last April and May, his fervor for sharing Hugh Ross’s book caught on more widely.

Thanks to Randy’s generosity, RTB mailed out copies all around the world—free of charge—to anyone who committed to give the book to a friend.

“I realized that if you gave someone a book, told them how much it meant to you, and encouraged them to read it and give you their feedback, the percentage of people who might actually read the book would be very high,” Randy said.

Even people from “closed” countries, such as China and Pakistan, requested copies of the book to give away.

“I think the biggest encouragement of all was hearing feedback from folks, grateful for the opportunity to get the book and to hand it off,” he said. “I found that people who have read Hugh’s material are very enthused about encouraging others to read it. That’s what we tapped into.”

Randy is already looking forward to doing something like this again.

Visit to purchase your copy of Why the Universe Is the Way It Is.

The Giveaway’s Global Reach

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Finland
  • France
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Africa
  • Taiwan
  • UK