How Improbable Is Our Planet?

How Improbable Is Our Planet?

Have you ever noticed how strongly the Bible implies that everything God created serves his redemptive purpose and plan? My new book, Improbable Planet, makes a scientific case that all of creation—including countless details you may never have considered—has been exquisitely designed and shaped so that many billions of humans can be rescued from sin’s grip and enter an eternal, loving relationship with God.

Many books have been written about Earth’s amazing design for life. Improbable Planet offers a more comprehensive picture of the myriad unlikely events that converged so that in one tiny time window billions of humans could not only occupy the planet but also recognize and respond to God’s gracious offer of redemption.

The unlikely events by which our earthly “home” came together include the assembly of essential construction materials, the selection of an appropriate neighborhood, protection and preparation of the construction site, establishment of a stable foundation, development of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems, structural supports both below and above ground, and, of course, the magnificently beautiful finishing touches.

Countless aspects of our habitat that we take for granted, from the richness of soil for food production and our remarkably stable climate, when examined closely, reveal an intricate matrix of miracles. Even the existence of resources required to make global travel and communications possible defies all probability.

Thanks to technological advances, we have an unprecedented opportunity to take the “good news” of the gospel to every nook and cranny of our planet, making disciples among every nation and tribe. My hope and prayer is that this book will give you new and amazing reasons for faith and hope, reasons to share with family and friends and others, near and far. Surely you’ll see in the pages of this book that we humans have vastly underestimated the Creator’s care for us.