Continuing Education Units Our New Partnership with ACSI

Continuing Education Units Our New Partnership with ACSI

Christian schoolteachers often ask us if Reasons Institute offers continuing education units that can be used toward a teaching credential. We’re happy to announce a new opportunity that makes this request a reality.

Reasons Institute is now an official provider of continuing education units (CEUs) for Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Teachers and administrators can receive ACSI-accredited CEUs in biblical studies to help keep their credential active.

Reasons Institute courses are web-based (via Moodle) and offered on-demand. Participants can complete the material at their own pace—no need to be in class at a specific time, and no specific start or end date. Plus, no required textbooks or written assignments. Registering is easy. Just visit the RTB Web store and select the course of your choice. After you’ve finished listening to the lectures, we’ll send you a CEU certificate of completion for your records.

We currently offer five CEU courses, including Chemistry and Molecular Biology with Fazale Rana and Physics and Astronomy with Hugh Ross and Jeff Zweerink.

Reasons Institute’s CEU courses will prepare Christian schoolteachers to engage in spiritually stimulating dialogue with their students. Teachers will also be equipped to go beyond standard textbooks and integrate the latest scientific discoveries into their lessons, all from a solidly biblical perspective. They also offer a cost-effective way for homeschool parents to equip themselves to teach science from an old-earth creation perspective.

This video provides an overview of the continuing education units program.

Science teachers may also enjoy our Through the Lens series on the RTB website. This video series offers thought-provoking clips that can be used in the classroom to start a discussion on a range of science-faith topics.