Chapters & Networks: God’s Gift to RTB

Chapters & Networks: God’s Gift to RTB

More than 15 years ago, RTB chapters began to spring up spontaneously. People whose lives had been impacted by RTB started meeting together to encourage each other’s growth and to extend RTB’s impact. Today three main components comprise this grassroots endeavor:

1. Chapters (USA), led by RTB-trained officers, engage in outreach activities based on members’ gifts and motivations and on their community’s needs and interests. Members establish links with churches, schools, corporations, and individuals. They also assist with events in their area—praying, planning, promoting, and providing essential follow up, among other things.

2. Chapters/Societies (international), like USA chapters, help spread RTB’s message and resources throughout other nations. Their work is especially impactful in areas where science and Christianity have traditionally been treated as incompatible.

3. Networks bring together people of common interest in RTB for fellowship, equipping, and outreach. Often these groups grow into chapters as more of their members complete the training to fill officer positions.

RTB depends on dedicated chapter members to spread our faith-building message to new audiences. Chapters have become an effective way for people to get involved more deeply in RTB’s mission. As members develop relationships at local levels, they multiply the reach of our ministry and provide a gathering place for those interested in exploring science and faith.

To learn more about chapters/networks in your area, go to; or to inquire about starting one, please contact RTB at (800) 482-7836 or [email protected].

Article by Kathy Ross.