Average Joe’s Guide to Apologetics

Average Joe’s Guide to Apologetics

It’s no surprise that Darwin “merchandise” seems to be ubiquitous these days. Global celebrations marking milestone anniversaries of the renowned biologist’s birth and of his landmark book have been well-publicized. A shopper can order buttons, books, magnets, shirts, car emblems, and other gifts from various websites promoting Darwinian evolution or atheism. Some are funny, if irreverent, while many are caustic or anti-Christian.

A T-shirt that reads “Right Wing Christians: Proof that Evolution Works Backwards Too” can elicit the temptation to respond with a similar insult. However, a more fruitful, rewarding approach involves “tooling up” for the important work of helping people to discover what the facts really say about the topic.

Tough economic times can put a damper on an apologetics budget, but Reasons To Believe (RTB) offers some valuable resources that cost nothing but the time invested in getting equipped. Whether you prefer materials on paper, online, or on your iPod, RTB’s tools are user-friendly. The only danger they pose is an occasional paradigm shift.

For print resources, make sure you keep receiving the monthly equipping letter personally written by Hugh Ross or another scholar team member. Their on-the-road and in-front-of-hostile-audiences experiences have spawned useful ideas. Stay abreast of trends with Reasons, RTB’s bimonthly newsletter. Here the scholar team offers fresh apologetic insights in bite-sized portions. You’ll learn of new resources and equipping events in your area as well. New Reasons to Believe (formerly Connections) has doubled in size to feature more scientific discoveries that support creation, and more philosophical and theological grounds for such belief. Plus, you’ll find more-obvious connections from science to the Bible, and even a lay-friendly column.

If you’re more likely to learn on the Internet, then bookmark reasons.org or even set it as the home page. There you’ll find a daily resource, Today’s New Reason to Believe, among other timeless articles, including magazine archives and academic essays. In fact, you can spend hours learning how to respond to skeptical challenges or prepping to discuss hot topics.

Finally, you’ll notice icons for several podcasts on RTB’s website. Listen at your convenience to headline-grabbing discoveries, sound reasoning, excerpts from new RTB books, and answers to intriguing questions, your questions.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but an apologetics tool kit that doesn’t cost a dime comes pretty close.

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