Always Be Ready, Part Two

Always Be Ready, Part Two

You’ve often heard me say if you’ll prepare to give reasons for your hope in Christ (see 1 Peter 3:15–16), God will bring you someone who’s ready to ask you for those reasons. Here is how these verses played out in the life of RTB’s events coordinator, Sara, on what looked to be a dreary day. May this story encourage you all!

DMV Apologetics – Sara Reubell

My day started with a trip to the DMV to renew my license—that dreaded task every four years. It took me 45 minutes just to get a number so I could wait to be called. The gentleman I had stood in line with earlier (who had loaned me his pen and helped me save my spot) took a seat next to me and struck up a conversation.

He started by telling me he’d had a perfect driving record for 20 years—until after his aunt invited him to church. Then he was in three accidents in one year. He blamed church for this streak of “bad luck” and told his aunt he wasn’t going back. I just listened at this point, trying to see where he was going with this story. Then he revealed that he now worships the Sun. He just goes into the mountains and prays to the Sun because the Sun is “the most powerful thing.”

I casually asked, “Well, then, who made the Sun?” This one query led to a discussion about God. At one point I looked at the gentleman and said, “If you’re interested in the Sun, you’d love the website of the place where I work. It talks all about the Sun and Moon and stars. You should check it out.”

When I gave him the web address,, he told me he had been unable to sleep the previous night. As it turns out, he had lain awake thinking about the word “reasonable” over and over again. So he really tuned in.

I’m thankful to serve in a ministry that speaks to those who know there is something powerful “out there” but just don’t know what, or Who, that is. I hope this man will keep looking and someday recognize the “Son.”