25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe – Jeff Zweerink

25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe – Jeff Zweerink

For more than two decades, RTB scholars have gathered evidence from the latest scientific discoveries and shown how it supports faith in Jesus Christ and confidence in His Word. To help celebrate this 25th anniversary, we’ve asked the scholars to share with you 25 compelling evidences for the historic Christian faith.

Jeff Zweerink’s Top Five Reasons

1. The vastness of the cosmos. As Psalm 19:1 states, “the heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” The universe we can see contains 100 billion trillion stars, but that enormous number pales when compared to the amount of stuff that eludes our observation. Such a vast creation reveals just a glimpse of the power available to its Creator.

2. The spectacular beauty of the heavens. Everything, from the tiniest hydrogen atom to the largest supercluster of galaxies (and all the magnificent things in between), exhibits the majesty, intricacy, and meticulous care a passionate Artist devotes to a masterpiece. 

3. The orderliness of the cosmos. Scientists routinely use—and even rely upon—the fact that the laws of physics operating here on Earth also govern the most distant reaches of space. These rational, consistent, and comprehensible laws, in effect since the beginning of time, reflect the unchanging nature of the universe’s Sustainer.

4. The diversity of environments in creation. Temperatures throughout the universe range from above ten million degrees in the hearts of stars to within a few degrees of absolute zero in the emptiness of space. Other parts experience intense gamma rays, strong magnetic fields, the brightness of thousands of stars, or the darkness caused by dense gas clouds. These vastly varied environments attest to the creative skill and scope of a master Architect.

5. The abundant habitability of Earth. Earth sustains a wealth and diversity of life almost beyond comprehension, given the array of hostile-to-life environments throughout the universe, including those of planets inside and outside our solar system. The fact that Earth meets—in exquisite detail—all the numerous criteria life requires shows the purposeful and deliberate work of the grand Designer.