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Why Does God Not Need a Cause?

By Hugh Ross - June 5, 2020

Question of the week: Why does God not need a cause?

My answer: I provide a comprehensive answer to this question in my book, Beyond the Cosmos, 3rd edition. My briefest answer to this question is that every entity constrained to a single time dimension where time cannot be reversed must have a cause and must be created. This limitation applies to the universe and to every component and body that is subject to the laws of physics and the cosmic space-time dimensions. However, the God of the Bible is in a different category. He is not subject to such a dimension of time. He created that dimension and all the cosmic space dimensions and he established the laws of physics.

The space-time theorems and several Scripture passages establish that the cosmic Creator is capable of cause-and-effect operations independent of the universe’s time dimension. This property implies that the cosmic Creator, at a minimum, has the power to operate in the equivalent of two independent time dimensions. Using diagrams that I illustrate in Beyond the Cosmos (both in the book and in the DVD by the same title), I show how such a Creator would have no beginning, no ending, and no creation or cause. The Bible repeatedly declares that God has no beginning and no ending and that he is neither created or caused.


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