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Are People Living in Villages Where There Is No Christian Message Going to Hell?

By Hugh Ross - March 20, 2020

Question of the week: What about villagers in other countries who die of starvation and disease. Are they going to hell?

My answer: I address this question in much detail in my book, Beyond the Cosmos. (Anyone can get a free chapter of the book at reasons.org/ross.) Quick answer: Everyone receives some spiritual light from God (John 1:3-13). God’s light is defined and explained in 1 John, chapters 1–4 as a combination of God’s life, love, and truth. If you receive that light, God will find a way to give you more of his light. You will proceed toward salvation. On the other hand, if you reject the light that God has given you, you will proceed toward condemnation. It does not matter what farm, village, or city you live in, how long a life you experience, or how much or how little you have suffered. Everyone receives some light from God.

In many respects, villagers have an advantage over people who live in densely populated metropolitan cities. Villagers are in much more intimate contact with the natural realm that God created. Hence, they are more likely to see the righteousness, glory, and attributes of God revealed in nature (Psalm 19:1-4, Psalm 97:6, Romans 1:19-20).

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