What Do the Laws of Physics Have to Do with Sin?

Question of the week: What do the laws of physics have to do with sin?

My answer: The laws of physics have a lot to do with sin. I devoted an entire book, Why the Universe Is the Way It Is,1 to that question. The laws of physics play an important role in restraining the expression of human sin and evil. The cosmic space-time dimensions also play a role. The significance of the laws of physics in restraining human sin explains why God only occasionally intervenes to rescue us from the natural consequences (e.g. disease, earthquakes, hurricanes) of the laws of physics. Note that the new creation will be governed by different physics. Since evil is no longer a possibility in the new creation, there is no need for thermodynamics, gravity, and electromagnetism or for the cosmic space-time dimensions.   

This answer here really is too brief and too superficial. Please read the book.


Hugh Ross, Why the Universe Is the Way It Is (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2008).