Does the Sabbath Command Still Apply Today?

Question of the Week: Does the command to keep the Sabbath still apply today?

My Answer: I believe the fundamental biblical principle of the Sabbath is that we all should take regular, dedicated time out of our work week to focus on the most important issues of life. Experiments1 show that what works best for us humans is to take one day out of seven to stop our work and focus on what’s most important in our lives. Which day we choose out of the week to do this, in my opinion, does not matter (see Romans 14:5–12). I describe and explain the different Sabbaths in the Bible in A Matter of Days.2


  1. I describe these experiments in my book, Navigating Genesis (Covina, CA: RTB Press, 2014), 85–86. Anyone can get a free chapter of Navigating Genesis at
  2. Hugh Ross, A Matter of Days, 2nd ed. (Covina, CA: RTB Press, 2015), 83–86.