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Coming Soon: The RTB Speakers Bureau!

By Bryan Rohrenbacher

I’m excited to fill you in on a new program RTB will soon launch called the RTB Speakers Bureau. As you can imagine, RTB receives numerous speaking requests each year—many of which we are unable to accommodate with only five full-time scholars. This is where having a Speakers Bureau will help.

Our goal with the Speakers Bureau is to create a team of speakers from all over North America who can cover as many regions as possible. Consisting of qualified individuals who have a strong commitment to evangelism and RTB’s core values, the Speakers Bureau will allow RTB to connect with more church communities than our full-time scholars alone are capable of. Morever it will help RTB engage more Christians and equip them to handle tough topics that can challenge one’s faith.

Another benefit of sending a regional speaker rather than a full-time scholar to present at an event is that it’s more affordable for the host venue. Plus, where our scholars can get a little technical for some, the bureau will be tasked with giving introductory-level science-faith presentations for the average church audience. Our goal is to have 20 Speakers Bureau events in 2018.

Now that we’ve given you a glance at what’s to come, we’re asking for your help! You may be aware that it can be hard to convince churches and other hosts to invite speakers they might not be familiar with. Here’s where you can spread the word about the Speakers Bureau by connecting local speakers with churches in your area. The chances of us reaching our goal of 20 Speakers Bureau events will greatly increase with your chapter’s support!

Keep in mind, these speakers aren’t limited to presenting only at a Sunday service. We hope they’ll be welcomed by local churches to host an outreach or equipping event on weekday evenings or to give a presentation at a Sunday school class. If we don’t have a speaker in your immediate area, Skype is always a great option, too!

Once the RTB Speakers Bureau has officially launched, the chapters will be the first to know. If you find an opportunity for one of our speakers or would like to invite one to give a presentation at your chapter meeting, please contact me at [email protected].