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Chapters Getting AMP-ed Up!

AMP 2018 is behind us and it generated an enthusiastic response! From the interactive Pre-AMP Experience, to the thought-provoking talks, to the engaging dialogue at Continue the Conversation, AMP 2018 exceeded our expectations. We had a packed house, and many of the attendees expressed that they felt encouraged to share their faith with the skeptics in their lives. Several chapters were represented at AMP 2018, and we think you’ll want to hear what they said about it:

This was our third AMP Conference and they get better and better. AJ Roberts sat with us during the Pre-AMP event. I had just seen her Why Would a Good God Create Viruses? video. It was great talking about important points she made. The AMP talks were inspiring and Fuz’s short video of the injured musician was the most powerful spiritual video I’ve ever seen. The love surrounding that woman filled the auditorium. I looked around and many, like me, were wiping tears. Finally, we made contacts during Continue the Conversation that may allow our San Diego chapter to partner with an on-campus ministry at San Diego State University!

–Ray Usell, RTB San Diego, CA Chapter

AMP Conference 2018 was rich with learning, fellowship, and renewed friendships. While the conference has ended, its impact is ongoing. The main thrust of AMP focuses on lectures and panel discussions. Highlights include J.P. Moreland’s discussion of truth-claims, Hugh Ross’s account of an airborne discussion with an atheistic physicist, and Paul Copan’s response to relativism. The Pre-AMP dinner provided opportunity to talk to speakers and other attendees, as did session breaks and the post-conference Continue the Conversation event. I was particularly happy to renew a friendship with two attendees returning from Torrance, CA; this offered evidence that there truly is an AMP community of repeat attenders.

–Gordon Arbuthnot, RTB Indianapolis, IN Chapter

This was my husband’s and my first time attending AMP and we’re glad we did! The speakers were well-credentialed and interesting. They gave us good talking points with which to engage people of differing beliefs respectfully, as well as offered impassioned reminders to win people rather than arguments. We appreciated RTB’s partnership with other organizations in this conference, such as RZIM, and enjoyed having ample opportunities to chat personally with the conference speakers. We hope to return next year!

–Sheila Nelson, RTB Birmingham, AL Chapter