Are One-Dimensional Spatial Entities Mere Mental Concepts?

Question of the week: Given that strings are one-dimensional and given that one-dimensional spatial entities are mental concepts that cannot “physically” exist, then does it not follow that the universe exists within a cosmological mind?

My answer: One-dimensional spatial entities can be a dot or a line. If a line, that line can be straight or curved, and if curved, the curvature can be of any degree.   

The universe begins as an infinitesimally shrunken volume. That is, the cosmic space dimensions start off infinitely or near infinitely compressed. To word it another way, the universe begins with extreme space curvature. As the universe expands from the cosmic creation event, space curvature is released. The release of space curvature (the universe’s geometry becoming less curved) within the first extreme fraction of a second generates physical particles. Hence, space is something that physically exists. For more on this subject, see Beyond the Cosmos, third edition, chapter 3.


Hugh Ross, Beyond the Cosmos, 3rd ed. (Covina, CA: RTB Press, 2017), 25–41.