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A Classic Makes a Comeback!

By Hugh Ross

After 17 years, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of initial publication, RTB has released a fresh update to The Creator and the Cosmos. So many new discoveries—and refinements of earlier findings—have emerged that this version contains far more new material than any previous editions. It demonstrates more powerfully than ever my conviction that the more we learn from advancing research, the stronger our case for the biblical Creator grows.

Readers will see that the cosmic origins model (still referred to as the “big bang”) has become more detailed and refined. The reality of cosmic inflation has been affirmed and tightened. And, although it may seem counterintuitive, the cosmic “uncertainties” now provide powerful new evidence for the work of the divine Designer. In fact, the case for our Creator has become so strong that, as predicted, those who resist it have resorted to ever-more bizarre attempts to escape the necessity of a cosmic beginning and Beginner.

One new chapter of the book addresses these nonempirical (not evidence-based), strictly hypothetical attempts—such as the “quantum eternity theorem” and “Bohmian trajectories—to bypass the mounting evidence. Given how frequently nontheists and skeptics try to stump Christians with these confusing propositions, I encourage you to focus at least one of your chapter meetings on how best to respond to such arguments.

If you’d like to invest time on topics addressed in other chapters as well, look to the end of each chapter for a set of discussion questions. Editor Joe Aguirre, who’s not a scientist, worked with me to develop questions that would occur to readers with only limited background in the physical sciences. We want this book, like all RTB resources, to assist you as a group, as well as individually, in your outreach efforts. Contact Bryan for information on how to obtain copies for yourself and your chapter members.

The more we learn about the created world, the more reasons we gain to believe in Jesus, our Creator and Savior.