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Exoplanets Lack Water

By Hugh Ross - March 16, 2007

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The first spectral observations of extrasolar planets provide additional support that the solar system was designed to support life. From a naturalistic perspective, one expects to find many planetary systems similar to our solar system. This view implies that the gas giants in these systems should contain abundant water similar to the amount found on Jupiter and Saturn. Contrary to these expectations, the first two spectral observations of extrasolar gas giants found no detectable water. These findings mirror results regarding the uniqueness, in orbital distance and eccentricity, of Jupiter and Saturn when compared to extrasolar planets. RTB’s cosmic creation model anticipates discoveries of this nature and attributes the uniqueness of the solar system in its capacity to support life to the work of a super-caring Creator.

o   Katharine Sanderson, “Direct View of a Dark and Distant World,” Nature 445 (2007): 803.

o   https://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v445/n7130/full/445803a.html

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