Understanding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As health professionals around the world continue to assess the impact of COVID-19, our scholar team has provided a brief response to help us understand what is happening and how to protect ourselves and those around us.


For the latest information from health officials, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization websites.


5/4/20 Life After the Pandemic by Hugh Ross

4/27/20 COVID-19 Prompts Focus on Protective Action by Hugh Ross

4/21/20 Coronavirus Pandemic & the Problem of Evil by Kenneth R. Samples

4/16/20 COVID Pandemic: God’s Fault or Ours? by Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts

4/9/20 Bringing Hope to the COVID-19 Days Ahead by Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts

3/31/20 Historical Reflections on the Pandemic by Kenneth R. Samples

3/30/20 Viruses and God’s Good Designs by Hugh Ross

3/23/20 Is Covid-19 the Plague Prophesied in Revelation 6? By Hugh Ross

3/20/20 Helpful Information in Understanding SARS-Cov-2 and COVID 19 by Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts

2/13/20 Coronavirus Outbreak: Do I Need to Worry? (Our initial response to the outbreak) by Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts


4/9/20 RTBLive Q&A with Dr. Anjeanette Roberts

4/7/20 Science Solves Problems During Times of Crisis. What Good is Christianity? By Fazale “Fuz” Rana

4/5/20 Going Viral – COVID-19 Truth Revolution with Jeff Piepho, Dave Waggoner, and Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts

3/25/20 Giving Reasons in a Time of Risk – Special RTB Scholar Community Call hosted by George Haraksin with Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts, Francisco “Paco” Delgado, Fazale “Fuz” Rana, Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and others.

3/20/20 Coronavirus – How will it change the church and the world? Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley, Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts, Mark Sayers, and Rev. Lucy Brierley



4/10/20 Viral Laboratory Techniques: Was Coronavirus Man-Made? Influencers Café with Nikos Katsikanis and Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts

4/7/20 Viruses and God’s Good Design Brian and Jannelle Mornings with Brian Dahlen, Janelle Nevels, and Hugh Ross




Those inquiring about upcoming events with Reasons to Believe scholars and staff, please be advised: All events are subject to change based on travel restrictions. Please check our events page for regular updates.

Hawaii 2020 Cruise Conference:
Reasons to Believe leadership has carefully considered all of the recommendations from health officials and has decided to postpone the Hawaii 2020 Cruise Conference. You can read more about the postponement of the Hawaii Cruise here.