RTB Fellows Program Adds Second Scholar

In October 2021, we shared the news of RTB launching a Fellows program and introduced you to our first fellow, Dr. Cynthia Cheung.

Now, we want to introduce you to our second chosen fellow, Dr. Joseph Miller. He’s about halfway through his time in the program, so we caught up with him to get an update on how things are progressing.

RTB: How long have you been familiar with Reasons to Believe? What was your relationship with the ministry previously?

Miller: I first became aware of RTB in 2012 when I got heavily involved in the study of Genesis. As I dove deeper into the science of cosmic and human origins, I was discouraged to see so many Christians walking away from their faith. RTB offered excellent resources that I found useful in my own research and conversations with Christians.

RTB: What attracts you to RTB and why did you want to become more deeply involved?

Miller: In 2018, I looked to get more involved for two reasons. First, in the tradition of great theologians like Carl F. H. Henry, RTB champions the classic approach to the two books: the book of Scripture and the book of nature. Second, RTB’s testable creation model appeals to Christians like myself who have a background in both the sciences and theology.

RTB: How has your experience as an RTB fellow been so far? Can you tell us more about the book you’re writing?

Miller: My time both as a visiting scholar and fellow with RTB has been a true blessing. First, I’m encouraged by the quality and diversity of expertise in the Scholar Community. Second, I’m continually impressed by the talent and professionalism of the RTB staff. Third, I’m blessed by the fellowship, integrity, and wisdom of RTB’s leadership.

Finally, I’m excited about the scholarship being pursued at RTB. My own small part is the book I’m writing that’s planned to be released in summer 2023. My book answers the question “What makes Genesis different?” This resource is sorely needed in the church, and partnering with RTB will guarantee the end product will make a positive impact where it’s greatly needed.

RTB: Are there any other projects you’ll be completing during this fellowship?

Miller: This fall, I’m presenting ideas from my book to three different RTB chapters and, alongside Dr. Ross, will speak to the Scholar Community about the big questions of Genesis.

RTB: What’s next on the horizon for you? Is there anything you want to share about future plans or projects?

Miller: A lot of my time is consumed these days with my new role as a full-time professor at Grand Canyon University. Outside of the university, I have a couple of book projects in the works and will continue to use the platform of my nonprofit, Center for Cultural Apologetics, to speak at events across the United States. 

To learn more about the Fellows program, view more details here.