RTB A-Pac’s First Anniversary

Can you believe that Reasons to Believe Asia-Pacific (RTB A-Pac) has been introducing the science-and-faith dialogue in their region for one year already? Their staff, small but mighty, has been busy hosting online and in-person events, starting chapters, and training new apologists.

RTB visiting scholar and close friend Balajied Nongrum is heading up the effort. Watch the video below to see their first anniversary celebration and receive a detailed report of their activities.

Balajied shares his vision for RTB A-Pac below:

Along with establishing RTB chapters with strong scholar communities, we are developing a program to translate, produce, and distribute resources at affordable prices. We have translators at the ready to prepare RTB courses in several languages. Also, we will be establishing a center where people can come to use RTB resources, hear lectures, and participate in research opportunities. Our goals include:

Our team will engage with skeptics, seekers, agnostics, and atheists. We want to move into the academic world and open a forum for discussion.

We will stay apprised of the latest research across many disciplines, studying and sharing the relationship between science and Scripture. We will also perform research to contribute to the RTB testable creation model.

We want to encourage people to dive into RTB resources, exploring the reasons to believe there is a God, there is someone who cares, there is someone who has done something about the plight of our world. We want to help people explore what the Christian worldview is all about. 

We want to give people tools to share their faith, to explain the relationship between science and Scripture, and to model the Christian life.

Congratulations, RTB A-Pac! May God grant you many more years in his service!