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Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

Modern science was birthed out of a Christian worldview. Many of the early pioneers of science—such as Galileo and Copernicus—were either Christians or working within the realm of Christian presuppositions.

Unfortunately, the current cultural climate between science and Christianity isn’t as friendly. In fact, some adults actively discourage bright young Christians who show promise in the fields of math and science away from pursuing a career as a scientist, engineer, or medical researcher. Parents are concerned about whether their child’s education will compromise that child’s faith. According to researcher David Kinnaman of Barna Group, only 1 percent of young adult pastors ever address science in their teaching—even though more than 50 percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds in the church aspire to careers in science and technology. And students often struggle to carve a career path that will result in them achieving their dream to become a scientist.

This is why Reasons to Believe is inaugurating a brand new summer youth program called The Lab. Our vision is to actively influence tomorrow’s influencers by encouraging Christian students to once again consider a career in science as a noble profession. Over the course of the next five years, we want to find 150 to 200 of the brightest young Christian minds and help them lay the groundwork for their calling.

The Lab, an elite 3-day summer experience for ages 16–22, is designed to energize students who desire a career in science, math, engineering, or medical fields. We want to support students in their career paths by helping them draw connections to their faith and discussing emerging arenas of research and how they can be a part of them from a distinctly Christian point of view.

Parallel sessions for parents will be available to equip them to support their student’s educational journey.

The Lab will run July 9–11, 2015, at Reasons to Believe’s headquarters in Covina, CA.

If you know of young Christians in your community who are aspiring to become scientists, encourage them to apply and join us as we empower future physicists, astronomers, chemists, biologists, and medical researchers for the kingdom of God. Applications for The Lab are now being accepted. There are up to 30 spots available for 2015. Although applications will be accepted through June 21, priority will be given to early applicants.

For more information and to apply, visit