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Announcing RTB’s New Blog Ring!

Thirty years ago when Kathy and I—and some of you—launched Reasons to Believe, the word “blog” hadn’t yet been invented, and the Internet was a gleam in some computer genius’s eye. But times and technologies have changed, and we’re excited to take advantage of these changes in our efforts to advance Christ’s kingdom.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to encourage and equip you for outreach to the people God brings into your life. Some of these people are longing for answers to tough questions. Some harbor secret doubts. Some have given up on the church as a place to raise their questions. More and more people see the Bible and Christianity as either inaccurate or irrelevant or both. In the face of these developments, we’re more eager than ever to step into the gap. In light of your comments and suggestions, we’re transitioning away from our biweekly science articles called Today’s New Reason to Believe (TNRTB) to a “ring” of blogs, one from each RTB scholar. These blogs will reflect each scholar’s thoughts on emerging faith challenges, offer personal insights from encounters with those who disagree with our perspective, and occasionally give previews into current research and writing projects.

Starting in July, you’ll see blog posts at least once per week (sometimes more often) from each RTB scholar under the following headings. Without my saying so, you can probably guess which blog comes from which scholar! I’m delighted to introduce them to you here:

Once the blogs launch, you can receive direct links to them via email, or you can access them via our website. On the home page, you’ll see a navigation bar near the top. When you click on the “Explore” tab, you’ll see four columns, the first one labeled “Blogs.” All of RTB’s blogs, current and past, will be listed and available there.

Thank you for sharing your needs and ideas with us. These blogs will allow us a much faster response time to trending topics and new discoveries. Our goal is to provide you with helpful ways to start conversations and draw people into the quest for truth, especially the truth about life’s biggest and most important questions.

Personal experience tells us that science yields a virtually endless source of intriguing links between the world of nature and the words of Scripture, links that can open significant spiritual discussion about those big questions and offer compelling new reasons to believe in Christ as Creator and Redeemer. The case for our faith grows stronger, and the basis for our hope in Him grows deeper and wider, and yet so many people have no idea. Together, we can grow in our effectiveness to inspire confident faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature.