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How a Hide-and-Seek Game with Rats Affirms Biblical Creation

By - October 1, 2019

Ten lab rats were taught to play hide-and-seek with a human—learning to both to hide and seek. While most experiments reward rats with food, this one simply rewarded them with positive social interaction with the researchers instead. What makes these animals enjoy attention from humans? And how does that relational characteristic affirm biblical creation? Hugh Ross joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live From Seattle to discuss the nature of animals and their relationships with humans, even touching on the question, “Will our pets be in heaven?”

This interview is uncut and unedited as it originally aired on October 1, 2019 on Live from Seattle with Michelle Mendoza. Opinions and third party advertisements in this recording were selected and placed by the original owners and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Reasons to Believe.

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