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Scripture and Science Agree on Keeping Careful Company

By - June 15, 2018

According to neuroscientists when two people are in each other’s company, their brain waves will begin to look nearly identical. This means the people we spend time with begin to impact our engagement with reality beyond what we can explain. And one of the effects is we become alike. Scripture tells us over and again that we should be thoughtful about who we keep company with. Now there’s scientific data that explains at least one reason why. Kenneth Samples joins the hosts of Brian and Jannelle Mornings to help unpack this discovery and how our choice in friends affects both the physical and the spiritual.

This interview is uncut and unedited as it originally aired on June 15 2018 on Brian and Jannelle Mornings. Opinions and third party advertisements in this recording were selected and placed by the original owners and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Reasons to Believe.

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