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  • The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Moon Landing

    July 9, 2019

    July 20, 2019, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the words that will forever ring through the corridors of history: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Jeff Zweerink joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live from Seattle to share his thoughts on this iconic event, as well as project where we might be headed in the future.

  • Should We Seek to Destroy Bad Arguments or Foster Dialogue?

    June 18, 2019

    As Christians, we want our voices heard regarding the many hot-button issues currently being debated in the press or social media. How do we do it? Do we simply memorize a few “silver bullet” arguments that support our position? And what is our overall goal? Should we seek to enter into conversation, or should our goal be to shut our opponent down? Jeff Zweerink joins the host of In the Market with Janet Parshall to equip us with practical advice on how to engage opinions that differ from our own.

  • Hugh Ross: A Dialogue with a Skeptic

    June 11, 2019

    When it comes to the truth of the Christian faith, skeptics pose a myriad of questions on topics ranging from heaven, hell, and the reliability of the Bible to black holes and even the possibility of alien life. Hugh Ross joins host Joe Rupe on Lighting the Void to fearlessly explore these questions and more.

  • The Science of Heaven

    June 11, 2019

    What will the new heaven and earth be like? Will the New Jerusalem really be in the shape of a cube? And will there be new physics there? Hugh Ross joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live from Seattle to imagine heaven from a scientist’s perspective.

  • First-Ever Image of a Black Hole

    April 30, 2019

    Astronomers have used eight ground-based telescopes to capture the first image of a black hole in a distant galaxy. Capturing this image was no small accomplishment, and it has generated excitement throughout the scientific community. Jeff Zweerink joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live from Seattle to discuss this amazing achievement, why astronomers are excited about it, and how the heavens continue to declare the glory of God.

  • Will Earth’s Shifting Magnetic Pole Cause Global Chaos?

    April 24, 2019

    Earth’s magnetic north, driven by molten iron shifting deep beneath the crust, has been moving ever since it was discovered in 1831. Scientists say that if Earth’s magnetic field were to weaken significantly, it could collapse altogether and flip polarity—leading some people to fear that the planet will be ravaged by massive electrical storms and blasts of solar radiation. What might a geometric reversal mean in a time when the world depends so much on technology? Hugh Ross joins Pat Robertson on CBN News to discuss the potential dangers as well as to calm fears and offer hope.

  • Have Scientists Discovered Superhuman Genes?

    April 16, 2019

    What are we to make of it when human genetics go awry, creating a sort of “superhuman” abilities? Is this evidence of human evolution? Fazale “Fuz” Rana joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live from Seattle to discuss a few of these people with extraordinary abilities and how science can tap into these genetic mutations to benefit humanity. Perhaps most importantly, Fuz and Michelle explore the “God story” behind it all.

  • Are All Sins Equal in God’s Eyes?

    April 1, 2019

    Does the Bible defend slavery? Are all sins equal to God? What does it mean that Jesus is God’s only begotten son? Philosopher and theologian Kenneth Samples joins the host of Afternoons with Bill Arnold to answer your questions about the nature of sin, evidence for hell, the certain hope of forgiveness in Christ, and more.

  • A Christian Response to Human Trafficking

    January 8, 2019

    What is the value of a person? How we answer that question can be greatly influenced by our beliefs about human origins. Fazale “Fuz” Rana joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live from Seattle to share his own story of how helping children rescued from human trafficking drove home the impact a worldview can have on a community.

  • Biblical Contradiction or Spiritual Mystery?

    January 7, 2019

    God is infinite and eternal while human beings are finite and temporal, which means humans can never fully grasp the mysteries of God. And one problem this creates is that people—especially skeptics—often equate mystery with contradiction. Kenneth Samples joins the host of Afternoons with Bill Arnold to discuss the difference between mystery and contradiction and to carefully examine a few alleged biblical contradictions.

  • Where Do Human Rights Come From?

    December 14, 2018

    Monday, December 10, 2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This important document was drafted by representatives with different backgrounds from all regions of the world. But where did the foundation for the ideas found in this document come from? Some may say human rights are intuitive. Others say that humans are endowed with these rights by the One who created us. Does this secular document inadvertently reveal the image of God? Kenneth Samples joins the hosts of Brian and Jannelle Mornings to unpack the answers to these thought-provoking questions.

  • Should Christianity’s Differences Be Debated Indiscriminately?

    December 3, 2018

    A skeptic once asked Kenneth Samples, “Why should I seriously consider Christian truth claims when Christianity is so deeply divided?” Kenneth believes that Christians should focus on our commonalities—rather than our differences—when having discussions in front of non-Christians. But isn’t fighting for the “right beliefs” important? Kenneth joins the host of Afternoons with Bill Arnold to discuss best practices when engaging in Christian “hot button” topics.

  • Birth of First Gene-Edited Babies Stirs Debate

    December 1, 2018

    While the idea of “customizing” babies through gene editing has been discussed in recent news—theory has now become fact. However groundbreaking this technique may be, many people are concerned. Is CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing the cure for what was once incurable? Or is this the doorway to tailor-made human beings? Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts joins Hal Roberts, host of Bridge City News, to discuss this important and controversial topic.

  • “Hearing” a Smile Reveals Human Exceptionalism

    November 30, 2018

    Scientists have discovered evidence that people can “hear” a smile and respond in kind—research that highlights the importance of vocal signaling for communicating emotions between people. Furthermore, the work supports the notion of human exceptionalism and the biblical concept of the image of God. Fazale Rana joins the hosts of Brian and Jannelle Mornings to help us discover how this uniquely human skill reveals God’s image.

  • Y-Chromosomal Adam, Mitochondrial Eve, and the Case for Biblical Creation

    November 29, 2018

    Scientists have dubbed the most recent common male human ancestor, “Y-Chromosomal Adam,” and the female counterpart, “Mitochondrial Eve.” With scientific findings so closely reflecting the creation account in Scripture, host Ed Martin asks “How do scientists square this data with the evolutionary model?” Fazale Rana joins the host of The Ed Martin Movement to respond to this question and reveal just how well science and faith harmonize.

  • Have Scientists Created Life? Or Something Lifelike?

    November 28, 2018

    Synthetic biologists predict that in little more than a decade the first fully artificial cells could spark to life. But is it truly life that humans are creating? If so, what does this say about the need for God? Fazale Rana joins the host of In the Market with Janet Parshall to answer these questions and further unpack this fascinating topic

  • Global Warming or Impending Ice Age?

    November 27, 2018

    Global warming continues to be a hot topic of conversation. Journalists are using words such as “unprecedented” and “dramatic”—yet Hugh Ross maintains that the planet is headed into an ice age. Do the two contradict? Or is one the cause of the other? Hugh joins the hosts of The Ride Home with John and Kathy to discuss climate change and what the next 100 years might bring.

  • Digital Immortality: Can We Live Forever?

    November 20, 2018

    What if your great-great-grandkids could have a conversation with a digital “you” and the software uncannily sounded like something you would say? Though this scenario sounds like it came straight out of a science-fiction movie, it could happen in a “posthuman” future. Fazale “Fuz” Rana joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live from Seattle to discuss this technology and man’s God-given desire for eternal life.

  • Always Be Ready—A Call to Adventurous Faith

    October 27, 2018

    What happens when you combine preparation with opportunity? Hugh Ross joins host Kurt Jaros on Veracity Hill to share marvelous—and miraculous—stories of bringing the gospel to nonbelievers. He offers these accounts with a promise that if we are ready with an answer for the hope we have in Christ, God will bring opportunities to us.

  • First-Ever Quantum Life Created

    October 23, 2018

    What is quantum life? And why is it so significant that scientists have created it for the first time ever? Jeff Zweerink joins host Michelle Mendoza on Live from Seattle to discuss this technology and how it points directly to our own Creator.


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