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Is God Unnecessary to Explain the Universe?

By Joe Aguirre - March 7, 2012

Questions like this one may not keep you awake at night, but they probably cross—and even occupy—your mind for a while.

Such was the focus of an episode of a History Channel program called God and the Universe: A Scientific Search for God, in which several prominent physicists and other experts explored big-picture ideas including the multiverse, string theory, and spontaneous creation. It’s a fascinating program, with plenty of visual help, and it left open the matter of whether the universe’s origin came about by divine creation or some other means.

Naturally, RTB scholars have something to say on this topic. Philosopher-theologian Ken Samples interacts with physicists Hugh Ross, Jeff Zweerink, and Dave Rogstad as they respond on a series of three Straight Thinking  podcasts (1, 2, and 3).

As you listen, here’s something to keep in mind: Would you rather gamble that the Christian God does not exist than accept the “cultural baggage that goes with it” (as one HC program participant—referring to the Christian faith—put it)? People who cannot or will not accept the existence of the Christian God often resort to futuristic discovery. That is, science will eventually demonstrate, as it always has, a perfectly reasonable explanation for knowledge gaps that had long been considered the domain of deities.

Are you a gambler?

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