What’s the Bother with Harry Potter?

What’s the Bother with Harry Potter?

It might seem like just another day, but to countless fans across the country, Friday, November 19 is a day to celebrate. On that day, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—or HP7, as fans have come to call it—finally hits the big screen. (Some are already itching to get in line for the midnight show.)

The much-anticipated seventh and final (kind of) installment in the Harry Potter series is sure to draw fans en masse as they watch the battle between good and evil continue. But others aren’t so spellbound. The dark themes and wizarding mischief don’t sit well with their conscience.

If you’re not sure what to make of it, philosopher Ken Samples offers a few questions for potential viewers (and parents) to consider. Check out “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Response” for, you guessed it, a philosopher’s take on the wildly popular series. (I might even carry this article with me while in line for the midnight show. Or I’ll at least share the link.)

What about you? Will you watch HP7 or will you pass? What movie are you looking forward to seeing in the theaters soon?