Take Two Turns Four!

Take Two Turns Four!

Bust out the party hats because today Take Two celebrates its fourth birthday. In celebration of our big day, we’ve compiled some of your favorite posts—consider it a“regifting” of sorts.

Sandra’s Top 5:

DNA and Proteins’ Excellent Adventure– A scene from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure helps explain the difficulties with naturalistic models for the origin of life.

Dating Methods That Work – While the dating methods on The Bachelor might be flawed, research affirms the reliability of radiometric dating methods (often questioned by some Christians), which complements the “two books” doctrine that God’s Word and God’s world are in harmony.

Top 5 Christmas Myths – When we remove the common myths added to the Christmas narrative, we find a story that’s beautiful all on its own.

A Look at 10 (or so) Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses – A panel discussion helps emphasize the importance of applying some general principles for interpreting Scripture before plucking a verse from the Bible.

Marvel Comics and Logical Fallacies – A little lunchtime banter turns into a buffet of fallacies, and reveals the importance of communicating with gentleness and respect, whether debating science fiction or science and faith.

Maureen’s Top 5:

We Three Kings – It’s a struggle sometimes to “love God with all our minds,” but, as the story of the Magi illustrates, the rewards of preparing ourselves intellectually to interact with God are ample.

The Role of the Dead Sea Scrolls – The Dead Sea Scrolls stand as a demonstration of the faithful accuracy with which the Hebrew Scriptures have been passed down from antiquity to today.

Pi’s Path to GodLife of Pi celebrates the view that all religions are simply different ways to approach God—but the reality is that the profound differences among the world’s religions make it logically impossible to blend them together.

Sifting Fact from Fiction in Biblical Archaeology – Hold on to your dusty fedora and trusty bullwhip! Theologian and RTB’s Dean of Online Learning Krista Bontrager offers tips for sifting genuine biblical archaeological discoveries from tabloid fodder.

The Inconceivable Misuse of Science Words – Imagine the impact the church could have if Christians tossed out bad arguments for the faith and took the time to understand and respect scientists’ positions, even if we disagree with them.


We hope you enjoy these posts (again…or perhaps for the first time).

Now what’s a birthday celebration without gifts? Earlier this week we ran a drawing to win a copy of A World of Difference and the winner is (drum roll, please) Evan M! Congratulations, Evan, and happy birthday to us!