Sharks and Other Natural Disasters

Sharks and Other Natural Disasters

Well, the ocean’s top predators certainly seem to be making a splash around the Internet and on television this month. The July 11 premiere of Syfy’s ultra-campy monster flick, Sharknado, lit up Twitter and even fueled a lunchtime discussion in the RTB break room. For those of you (like me) who missed it, Sharknado is about a freak storm that picks up sharks from the ocean and then sends them raining down on Los Angeles. I’m not making this up.

Plans for a 2014 sequel are afoot (afin?), as well as another B-movie offering entitled Ghost Shark. Meanwhile, the Cape Cod Shark Hunters have reported numerous great white sightings near Chatham, MA—and, of course, the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week is on its way (August 4). So, even if you don’t go near the beach this summer, the sharks are coming to you.

In honor of these ever-popular predators (which rank among my personal favorites in the animal kingdom), I’m rounding up a few RTB resources on sharks in particular, carnivores in general, and natural disasters for good measure.


  • Big Bad Fish” (Take Two) – Sharks may not fit the standard understanding of a “very good” creation—nevertheless, these wonderfully made animals still have something to teach us about our Creator.
  • Save the Sharks!” (Take Two) – With apex predators in danger of extinction, it’s time to consider what each of us can do to be better stewards of the planet.
  • Hybrid Sharks: Evolution or Design?” (Science News Flash) – Biochemist Fuz Rana discusses the differences between microevolution and macroevolution in light of the fascinating discovery of cross-bred sharks off the Australian coast.


  • Thank God for Carnivores” (TNRTB) – Astronomer and animal-lover Hugh Ross explains the necessity of carnivores for life on earth and for human survival.
  • Predators Essential for Life’s Diversity” (Science News Flash) – Fuz expounds on the benefits of predation, in particular a study that he calls an example of “science at its very best.”
  • Life and Death in Eden – In this roundtable discussion, RTB scholars and staff respond to many Christians’ objections to the idea of animal death before the Fall. They explain why such a scenario does not contradict God’s loving nature or His description of the pre-sin creation as “very good.” (Available as both an MP3 audio CD and downloadable MP3 file.)

Natural Disasters

  • Grappling with Natural Evil” (article) – Theologian and RTB staffer Krista Bontrager tackles the difficult and emotionally charged question, “Why would a good God allow natural disasters?”
  • The Problem(s) of Evil: Psychological and Natural Challenge” (Straight Thinking) – Theologian/philosopher Kenneth Samples and physicist Dave Rogstad talk about natural disasters and other issues that influence people’s view on the perennial problem of evil, as well as God’s willingness to suffer evil through the death of Jesus Christ.
  • Natural Disasters” (video) – Astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink interviews Kenneth on the challenge natural evil poses to the Christian worldview.

— Maureen