Holiday Signs and Signs of Design

Holiday Signs and Signs of Design

The holidays are here and the countdown to December 25 has begun. As of today, there are only 43 days until Christmas!

Such news might supply a rush of joyful anticipation to the kiddies. Adults, on the other hand, (particularly those with kids whose wish lists include smaller yet increasingly expensive gifts) might feel that same rush followed promptly by a shudder and a quick jotting of mental notes.

Though we may act surprised at how quickly the calendar turns, the holidays aren’t necessarily discreet about their approach. A quick trip to the store offers plenty of reminders: Egg Nog in the milk aisle, cans of pumpkin stacked next to boxed stuffing, and mistletoe near the checkout line. The signs are everywhere.

Another sign of the holidays, at least here at RTB and for our ministry friends, is the arrival of RTB’s wall calendar. Signs of Design offers 13 stunning images, each accompanied by explanations written by the RTB scholar team, that provide a sampling of evidences pointing to a Designer.

It seems everyone in the office has claimed their favorite image—or month. Maureen digs the Redwood trees (April). It’s her birthday month, plus the trees remind her of places she and her family have vacationed. I like the gecko (July), and not just because of its semblance to the wall-scaling Spider-Man. Turns out geckos’ feet have inspired the development of new types of adhesives. And astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink claims the solar flare (December) as his favorite image.

According to Jeff, this flare would be multiple times the size of the Earth. How this points to a Designer, he explains, is that it “demonstrates how active the Sun is yet how stable of an environment it provides here on Earth.” The December description adds that “God designed and timed our solar system’s development to provide a remarkably stable source of heat and light for life on Earth.”

From thermophiles to the aurora borealis to interacting galaxies, these signs (pictures) are meant to provide “conversation points for you to connect with your friends and neighbors, [ways] to talk about how God has an impact on your life.” And that, as Jeff puts it, is what Reasons To Believe is all about: evangelism.

The resources we develop, the books, the calendars, the speaking we do, is all about equipping you to reach out to your friends and acquaintances and spread the Gospel.

There’s plenty more equipping at the Signs of Design resource page. Check it out and consider picking up a calendar. You can order it through our webstore or receive it in appreciation for your gift to RTB this month. And, hey, if you give the calendars as gifts, you could even cross a few names off your shopping list!