Farewell from Take Two

Farewell from Take Two

Nearly five years ago, the two of us embarked on a journey to take what we’ve learned from the RTB scholars and apply it to our everyday lives—the ones filled with movies and comic conventions, superheroes and literary classics. By connecting science and philosophy with pop culture, we hoped to share with you, our dear readers, how “sci-phi” can connect people to a deeper understanding of God’s creation, character, and artistry.

In these last four-ish years, the ministry of RTB has grown leaps and bounds in producing new resources in a variety of formats. This increased output means Maureen and I must pull away from writing so we can focus on editing. The trade-off is that you’ll see more resources from the scholars.

Truth be told, there’s no way to convey how much we’ll miss writing Take Two and connecting with our readers. Still, we are editors, first and foremost. Moving back behind the scenes will allow us to join the scholars in spreading their unique voice and, through it, reaching those looking for reasons from science for faith in a personal, transcendent God.

So, with hopeful hearts and a mountainous stack of editing on our plates, we bid thee farewell. It’s been a pleasure.

— Sandra and Maureen

As part of our good-bye, we’d like to share ten of our favorite posts. I, Sandra, have selected five of my favorite posts by Maureen and I, Maureen, have selected my top Sandra articles. We hope these reflections encourage you to continue exploring the science-faith integration and see how glorious is our Redeemer-Creator.

The Inconceivable Misuse of Science Words” – Before tossing around words like “hypothesis” and “theory,” it’s important to understand how scientists use them. The clever Princess Bride reference adds a dash of fun to this noteworthy post.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness” – Even creation testifies that whatever heartaches and trials we may face, God’s love and care for His children remain ever faithful.

The Benefits of Fantasy” – Does fantasy detract from the Christian faith, or can it be used to convey deeper truths that fuel our faith?

The Truth about the God of the Old Testament” – Some atheists would suggest God is a chauvinistic bully, but a closer look at the God of the Old Testament reveals an ever patient, kind God who made men and women in His image.

Good Eats” – Here’s a little known fact about Maureen: she loves to cook (read: concoct culinary masterpieces). Moreover, she sees the connection between the art of cooking and being made in God’s image.

Geeking and Reaching Out at Comic Con” – Sandra answers the call of the nerds at Comic Con while also answering tough faith questions from the fellow fans. She also discusses evangelism strategies with Christian ministries hoping to make an impact for Christ at the world’s geek mecca.

The Great (and Lonely) Gatsby” – Though we may covet a glamorous lifestyle, even great wealth cannot fill the void in the human heart—that’s a job for our gracious, hope-giving God.

Grappling with Grace” – How do we react to God’s grace? Sandra takes a poignant look at three ways that believers might struggle to accept the mercy God shows us.

A Hot Cup of Evolution” – A discussion about evolution may conjure up images of dinosaurs turning into birds, but did you know there are at least five categories of evolution and that some of them integrate well with Scripture?

Eat This: Zombies Are Real” – A roundup of Sandra’s articles wouldn’t be complete without a mention of her favorite mythical monsters—only these are zombies on a galactic scale.