Connecting Comics with Faith

Connecting Comics with Faith

Last week, the comic and pop culture world converged in San Diego for Comic-Con 2012. I attended and am still recovering from all the excitement (i.e., excellent panels, long lines, and camping out). So for this week, Take Two highlights previous posts that touch on comics, pop culture, and, as always, how they relate to the Christian faith.

No Comfort at Comic-Con – A run-in with a street preacher at Comic-Con sheds light on the need for improved “modes of persuasion.”

Resistance Is Futile. Redundancy Is Not. – Genetic redundancy seems like an example of “bad design” but instead it points to the hands of a skillful Creator.

Is Time Travel Possible? – Scientists claimed to have found faster-than-the-speed-of-light neutrinos, which could simultaneously undermine Einstein’s theory of relativity and open up the possibility of time travel. But newer research says not so fast.

Marvel Comics and Logical Fallacies – An innocent conversation about our favorite Marvel character turned into a heated debate, where someone (points to self) committed a logical fallacy. It serves as an important reminder to keep passion in check in all debates—whether about superheroes or apologetics.

Iron, Man – Chemical elements like iron and palladium play helpful roles in sustaining advanced land life, but too much of these elements can be harmful. Earth’s just-right-for-life abundance of these elements provides evidence of the Creator’s supernatural design.

Spider-Man Spins a Design Argument – The reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise brings nature’s web-slingers and wall crawlers to mind. Spiders and other creatures help demonstrate how humans are inspired by nature’s divine design.

The Benefits of Fantasy – A healthy diet of fantasy fiction could actually enhance your faith in a way that encourages believers to be prepared with well-reasoned evidence.

New Research Suggests Latent “Superpowers” – Do humans have the ability to heal themselves? Advances in adult stem cell research are saying “Yes!”

Blog of the Living Dead – Our culture’s fixation with zombies may be a close depiction of evil in the Bible. As Christians, we can take a cue from the living dead and be reminded that, through Jesus, we are able to live with love and joy.

Greetings, Programs! – Disney’s Tron Legacy leads movie-goers back to the all-consuming question, “What is the meaning of life?”

The “Wrath of Comic-Con” may have taken its toll on me, but it’s not dampened my enthusiasm for next year’s Con, nor for connecting comic book and cinematic creations with the Creator of all things.

– Sandra