A Take Two Christmas

A Take Two Christmas

O Christmas Tree!

Used in both secular and religious festivities, Christmas trees have become a ubiquitous holiday symbol. (The modern Christmas tree originated in sixteenth-century Germany.) It’s my favorite holiday decoration. Yet, as I put the finishing touches of tinsel on our aromatic evergreen, I said to my husband, Darren, “Have you ever thought about how weird this tradition is? We bring a 6-foot tree into the house and hang shiny objects on it. Why?”


I asked a few of my coworkers here at RTB why they put up Christmas trees.

Michelle puts up a tree “because it brings back fond memories.” Hannah loves staring at the beautiful lights, while Beth had to forgo a tree this year thanks to mischievous kitten, Sprinkles. Amy puts up a tree because it’s tradition. I’d have to agree with Amy. To me Christmas trees are an indelible part of the holiday season and a reminder that there’s something extra special about this time of year.

Whether your tree came pre-lit or from a farm, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

— Maureen

Resources: While my own pretty noble fir will eventually provide wood chip fodder, trees in general provide evidence for God as Creator. Check out these RTB articles:

Trees also support arguments for an old Earth.


O Christmas Ornaments!

It was late—really late—and I had to be up in less than four hours. The gifts and cards would have to be finished another night. In a sleepy stupor I switched off the lamps and television. The only thing left illuminating the room was the Christmas tree. And it was glorious.

An eclectic collection of ornaments sparkled warmly against the lights, bringing back memories of places visited, milestones met, and people cherished. Whoa, that’s awesome, I thought. (A more sophisticated version being: Thank God for every one of these blessings…because they’re awesome!)

Guess Elvis had it right when he sang “Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree won’t be the same, dear, if you’re not here with me.” Because those Popsicle stick reindeer and hand-painted ornaments wouldn’t mean a thing without the people and significance behind them.

Likewise, Christmas wouldn’t mean a thing without the person and event behind it all.Because of Christ’s gift to us that holy night, we can be adorned with “garments of salvation.”


During this busy season, I hope we all find time to turn everything else off and let the gravity of this gift illuminate our hearts, motivate our words, and make our souls rejoice.



Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament? What’s the story behind it? Mine is a hand-painted baub’ (pictured above) from a dear and talented friend—it includes a zombie, ninja, and a few other of my favorite things.


Our Christmas gift to you: The first 5 people to leave a comment will receive RTB’s 2011 wall calendar featuring the photography of Dr. Hugh Ross.

We’ll be back in 2011 for more blogging fun.

Until then, we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!