Welcome to Reflections

Welcome to Reflections

In a profound sense we are what we think.

The Christian worldview highly values logic and rationality, which find their source in God. As the only creatures made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26–27), human beings possess superior intellectual faculties. Humans alone read and think. They pursue, discover, and reflect upon the truths of logic, mathematics, science, philosophy, religion, and the arts. Only human beings develop a comprehensive world-and-life view and philosophize about whether their belief systems best match reality.

I guess you could say that I was born to philosophize. Even as a kid I was interested in the big questions of life. One of my baseball coaches nicknamed me “Professor.” Thus this blog serves as a vehicle to convey my personal reflections on topics that fall into such broad categories as theology, philosophy, logic, values, history, science, and culture.

However, be forewarned that my idiosyncratic personality also impels me to opine on five of my lifelong favorite topics: World War II, the JFK assassination, The Beatles, Major League Baseball’s “Splendid Splinter”—Ted Williams, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the best sense, my hope is that this blog will help and challenge Christians to think carefully about the implications of their worldview.