Two Reviews for 7 Truths That Changed the World

Two Reviews for 7 Truths That Changed the World

Writing a book isn’t easy work. After laboring to get the right words and ideas on paper, undergoing the editorial process, and meeting publisher deadlines, it is encouraging to receive good reviews on one’s work. Here are two reviews of my most recent book, 7 Truths That Changed the World.

Dr. John Battle

Respected evangelical theologian John A. Battle reviewed my new book on the Western Reformed Seminary website. He writes,

Given the limited size of the book, the amount of useful material is remarkable. Arguments are stated concisely and are thoughtfully arranged. Ample endnotes provide more detailed discussions from excellent sources. The suggested readings and discussion questions at the end of each chapter would be quite useful for group study in a class or Bible study group. This book could be used also in a campus club or discussion with both Christian and non-Christian participants.

Dr. Battle is a gifted theologian and I’m honored that he found my book to be a helpful theological and apologetics resource. I encourage theology students to consider WRS (located in Tacoma, Washington) for graduate studies.

Hillbilly Physicist

The blog Hillbilly Physicist Guide To… writes of my book:

Ken Samples provides [an] organized explanation of Christianity[’s] distinct truths and an excellent list of supporting scripture to help the experienced or novice apologist. Ken also clearly and succinctly responds to alternative views. Ken provides a handbook of relevant apologetics.

I appreciate this concise and gracious review.

Christian apologetics books have been very important to me throughout my Christian journey, especially during my time as a college student. So my humble prayer is that the Triune God will use my modest writing efforts in the field to further the Kingdom. Again I’m grateful for these two thoughtful and helpful book reviews by two very qualified scholars.