Reflections on War

Reflections on War

The Second World War is the largest single event in human history, fought across six of the world’s seven continents and all its oceans. It killed fifty million human beings, left hundreds of millions of others wounded in mind or body and materially devastated much of the heartland of civilisation.

— John Keegan, The Second World War (New York: Penguin, 1989), 5.

To say that war is a difficult and controversial topic is a huge understatement. Nevertheless, it is a reality of our world. Its potential for devastation makes it all the more imperative that we think carefully and deeply about it. And there’s no better time than Veterans Day to ask the difficult questions about war.

War is always tragic but is it ever necessary? Is it possible to conduct a just war? How have Christians approached these difficult questions about military conflict?

Below are links to articles and podcast episodes where I attempt to think carefully about the issue of war.

Thank a veteran of America’s armed forces today for his or her service to our great country.