• What Book Changed Your Life?

    November 24, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Have you ever read a book that was so dynamic that it changed the direction of your life? For most Christians that book would certainly be the Bible. According to historic Christianity, Scripture is the uniquely inspired Word of God. Thus, the Bible is the greatest of all great books.

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  • Explaining Pagan Gods and Human Idolatry

    November 10, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    People were created to be worshippers. That’s one way of defining the image of God in human beings. Humans are also fallen worshippers. Thus, our religious-based tendency to worship has expressed itself in distorted ways in human history.

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  • Christianity’s Central Focus: Incarnation or Atonement?

    October 27, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Christmas or Good Friday? Which of these days on the historic Christian calendar holds greater importance for Christians? Should the central focus of Christianity be on the incarnation (Jesus Christ as God coming in the flesh) or on the atonement (Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for human sin)?

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  • God Shouted in My Pain

    October 13, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    One very sad event in my life shaped me as a young adult. Here’s why I’m sharing it with you.

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  • Are Religious Experiences Evidence for God?

    September 29, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Have you ever had a deep spiritual encounter? One that changed your life?

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  • What Was Your Intellectual Epiphany?

    September 15, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Have you ever had a sudden realization that ended up changing your life? You may have had an epiphany, which can be defined as an intuitive flash of insight or discovery as to the deep meaning of something significant that comes through experience and leads to a sense of wonder.

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  • My Early Baptism and Spiritual Development

    September 1, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    When does God’s saving grace begin working in a person’s life? Is it at the moment the person decides to believe in Christ? Or can God’s saving grace be operative prior to a person believing? Could that saving grace even begin at a young child’s baptism?

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  • Does Possessing Freedom Presuppose the Will to Fight?

    August 18, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    What do you think about when you hear the word war? You probably think of armed conflict, bloodshed, and death—and lots of it. That is the nature of warfare. It’s also why war presents one of the most challenging issues to address from an ethical standpoint. Given this difficulty, most Christians have adopted just war theory, which requires engaging only in just wars and fighting those wars in a truly just manner. But such an ethical ideal takes great wisdom, courage, and dedicated moral discipline. Here are several brief thoughts to consider when someone asks what you think of war.

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  • 3 Things You May Not Know about John Calvin the Person

    August 4, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    French-born theologian John Calvin (1509–1564) was one of the great voices of the Protestant Reformation. He is often called the greatest systematic theologian of the Reformation and is the most influential figure in the entire Reformed theological tradition. His monumental book Institutes of the Christian Religion has been called one of the ten books that shook the world.

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  • Snapshot of Today’s Intellectual Climate

    July 21, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    The extraordinary events of 2020 have left many people wondering if we are living in a new era. Times of change and conflict like this often provoke people to ask philosophical questions.

    • Robert George
    • indoctrination
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  • Does a Religion’s Rapid Growth Mean It’s True?

    July 7, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Many religions claim high growth rates that are not merely due to population increases. If a religion acquires a large number of followers, does that growth count in favor of its truth claims? Christianity experienced rapid growth in its early period but so have many religions, including Islam and Mormonism. Is Christianity unique, and if so, how?

    • Resurrection
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  • How Does Islam Differ from Christianity?

    June 23, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    According to Pew Research, if current trends continue then by 2050 there will be nine billion people living on the planet. Approximately three billion will be Christians, three billion will be Muslims, and three billion others will represent various beliefs (both religious and secular).1

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  • What Happens to Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?

    June 9, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    What happens to people who never hear the gospel message about Jesus Christ?

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  • How the Trinity Shows God’s Love

    May 26, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Arguably one of the most important teachings in the Bible is the proclamation that “God is love,” which is found in verses like 1 John 4:8 and 16.

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  • My Soul Is Like a House

    May 12, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    One of the things I like about the writings of the Christian church father St. Augustine of Hippo (354–430) is his rich use of analogies1 in talking about critical theological topics. An analogy, of course, is a comparison between two things (how they are like and unlike), usually for the purpose of providing explanation. In his most popular work, Confessions,2 Augustine compares the human soul to a house and offers hope for all souls that need housekeeping.

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  • Does Everyone Have Three Lives?

    April 28, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    I’ve enjoyed watching police dramas since childhood. Some of my favorites from the distant past include Streets of San Francisco, Kojak, and Starsky and Hutch. Currently, my favorite television program is CBS’s Blue Bloods. It stars Tom Selleck as New York City police commissioner Frank Reagan.

    • Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    • Blue Bloods
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  • Coronavirus Pandemic & the Problem of Evil

    April 21, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Before the current pandemic, I only really thought of viruses when I got my yearly flu shot. But in light of the significant suffering and death caused by COVID-19, I’m sure none of us will ever think the same way about viruses again.

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  • Reason, Emotion, and Watching Star Trek during the Pandemic

    April 14, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Sheltering in during the pandemic has left me with more downtime than I’m used to. And watching too much news tends to increase my anxiety level. So, along with writing books and blog articles, I have tried to focus my attention on prudent activities. This includes pursuing my spiritual devotions, spending time with my wife, and reading classic books. But I have also sought some escape time by rewatching some of my favorite movies and television programs.

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  • Historical Reflections on the Pandemic

    March 31, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Few things in life get your attention like the subject of infectious disease. And this is especially true of pandemics (“all people” threatened by illness). It is, of course, natural to experience fear and concern during extraordinary times like this. There is great alarm about the illness and death caused by the coronavirus both in our country and worldwide. And there is also genuine anxiety about how society’s response to this health crisis (sheltering in or lockdown) will affect the world’s economy.

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  • How to Distinguish between Science and Scientism

    March 17, 2020
    By Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author

    Science is truly one of the great intellectual enterprises that humankind has ever developed. But what exactly is science? Is it mainly a narrow method or practice for obtaining knowledge about the natural world? Or does it involve a broad philosophical system?

    • scientism
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