Advent Review: ‘Tis the Season

Advent Review: ‘Tis the Season

Between Advent traditions and time spent with loved ones, there is much I look forward to during the holiday season. During this time we reflect on the unfolding story of redemption that starts in Bethlehem and continues as we wait in hope for Christ’s second coming. Ultimately, the Advent season highlights the core of the Christian faith—the celebration of the Incarnation—by reminding us of God’s divine and purposeful gift.

In past articles and podcasts I’ve shared other reasons why I cherish this time of year. I hope my thoughts on this beloved holiday encourage others to reflect deeply on the meaning behind the season and commemorate the miraculous life of Jesus Christ.


  • Three Reasons I Love the Christmas Season” — The Advent season brings a time of joyful festivities and reflection and reminds us of the value of family and the unity within our culture. Above all else, the season calls us to remember Christ’s first coming to Earth.
  • Thinking about the Incarnation: The Divine Word Became Flesh” — At the heart of Christianity is the doctrine of the Incarnation, a truth-claim celebrated all over the world at Christmas. This article briefly explains the Incarnation and responds to critical and frequently asked questions about this mysterious yet incredible event.

Straight Thinking

Three Reasons I Love the Advent Season” podcast with Kenneth Samples and Dave Rogstad — Last year, along with my Reflections article above, my colleague Dave Rogstad and I discussed our personal reasons for taking part in the spirit of the Advent season. My hope is that the values and meaning of the Christmas season will influence our thoughts, faith, and actions throughout the year, not just in December.