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Hey, I didn’t know you guys had a Webcast!

Honest, we weren’t trying to keep it a secret. RTB has been webcasting since 2001 but new navigators even regular visitors to our site could have a tough time spotting the little icon near the top right or the light blue button near the bottom left of the home page. Apologies for not making it more obvious. We’re working on a major overhaul to the entire site, so hopefully (very soon, I’m told) you will be able to find everything we’ve put on our site with ease.

Perhaps you’ve seen the button or listened just a tiny bit and wondered what the RTB webcast is about. It’s called Creation Update, and you can hear it live each Tuesday between 11 AM and 1 PM Pacific. Creation Update allows our team of research scholars to report on the latest scientific discoveries and how they provide powerful new evidence for the God of the Bible. The program is divided into three segments per hour, with each segment being about 15 minutes long (plus breaks). We also take calls and answer e-mail questions. Our friends at, a Christian streaming Web site, host the live broadcast and archive the show as well. Many of our listeners find it convenient to download Creation Update as a podcast each week.

Here’s how a typical program might shape up. Two scientists rotate each week (any combination of Fuz Rana, Hugh Ross, Jeff Zweerink) to report a discovery in the first two segments. By taking time to explain, they demonstrate how the discovery fits into the bigger picture of creation. Then philosopher/theologian Kenneth Samples will step in during the third segment to break up the science a bit. He might discuss something happening in the news (cultural apologetics), respond to a philosophical/theological objection to the Christian faith, defend a historic doctrine, or give a logic lesson. The second hour is open for calls. This is my favorite part of the show and I’d like to ask for your help to make it even better. If you haven’t done so, start listening to the program to get a feel for it. Then, call in with your question. We’ve got some sharp regular callers, so don’t be intimidated. You can ask whatever question you want. Actually, the scholars love to hear from laypeople who are working through questions and issues that affect them where they live. As a layperson myself, I like to hear other “average  people ask questions I can understand. You might even put your children on the line – sometimes they ask the best questions.

Occasionally we feature a special edition of Creation Update wherein we interview (usually in the evening, or prime time) a well-known figure in the evolution/creation/intelligent design spectrum. We also plan to include occasional themed programs, which permit more thorough discussion on a given issue. And you may have noticed musical chairs with regard to the host/moderator. Well, usually Kenneth Samples and I will swap that role, but we’re experimenting and “evolving” on the fly. We post show notes each week on our site, so you can look up original references, find additional resources, or—my favorite thing—click directly on the link to a particular question or discussion. Now that you know about Creation Update, let us hear from you soon. As a final plea I might add that I feel like I’m getting an education without paying for it. I may be average, but I know a good bargain when I see one.